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Explore some of our most recent work from our team in Australia and the wider Asia-Pacific region as our experts present the latest trends and insights locally

Ahead of our upcoming Australia Presentations Tour in 2023, we’re taking a look at some of the events and presentations our team have been involved in recently, from the International Sourcing Expo in Melbourne, to an internal Innovation Debrief for DuluxGroup.

The Future Laboratory’s Melbourne-based team are available to deliver a wide range of strategic foresight services, including both in-house and virtual presentations, bespoke reports and strategic research for the APAC market.

If you are based in Asia-Pacific and would be interested in having a chat with our regional team about an upcoming project or membership to our trends intelligence platform LS:N Global, please get in touch below. 

As mentioned, excitingly, The Future Laboratory’s co-founder Chris Sanderson will also be touring Melbourne and Sydney between 27 February and 12 March 2023 for our Australia Presentations Tour. Find out more here and secure your presentation today.

Read on to discover some of our latest activity.

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29 November 2022

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: The Future Laboratory


: International Sourcing Expo

The Future Laboratory's foresight analyst Rosana Iacono presenting at the International Sourcing Expo in Melbourne

The Future Laboratory's foresight analyst Rosanna Iacono presented live at the #InternationalSourcingExpo in Melbourne on 15 November as she unpacked our latest macrotrend, The Paralysis Paradox.

She explored how and why it is time for brands, businesses, and Neo-collectivist communities to rebuild a society where the four 4Ls – legitimacy, leadership, longevity and legacy – matter.

Discover how some brands are stepping up to realise this future, counter-pushing doomsayers, short-termism, indifference, and helplessness to re-establish common ground and embark on a journey of radical progression.

‘The feedback from Rosanna’s presentation both as a speaker and the content was incredibly positive.  Rosanna was the perfect keynote to launch the Seminar Series.’
Marie Kinsella, CEO, International Sourcing Expo


Kevin Murphy and Chris Sanderson on stage at the Fast.Forward event

Earlier this year, one of our key Australian clients, KEVIN.MURPHY, hosted their live FAST.FORWARD event in Berlin and Austin, Texas, in which our co-founder Chris Sanderson set the scene for the future of haircare on a market and consumer level.

FAST.FORWARD is a glimpse ahead; a compelling and engaging event to prepare brands and businesses for the future. It explored online innovations in education as well as new insights and a better understanding of the social, emotional and personal needs of clients. 

The event aimed to teach new skills and techniques that enable brands to create innovation and unique experience that will pave the way for deeper, stronger, and longer-lasting connections. 

FAST.FORWARD featured innovative new trends and consumer insights. Chris explored what the future of beauty, retail and sustainability holds, hosting a panel of global tastemakers as they revealed key consumer insights and the role we play in an ever-changing salon landscape. With human touch being the new luxury, he explored how to create a more meaningful customer journey  through positive one-on-one connections and specially curated experiences.

: The DuluxGroup Innovation Council

The Future Laboratory's foresight analyst Rosana Iacono presenting at The DuluxGroup Innovation Council

The Future Laboratory’s foresight analyst Rosana Iacono presented at the DuluxGroup’s Innovation Council in Melbourne to continue driving their innovation capability across their business units. In this Innovation Debrief we explored some of the most influential cross-category innovations of the last 12 months and unpacked some of the most relevant themes in a Q&A.

Bringing together some of the most impactful case studies from our trends intelligence platform, LS:N Global, this year’s Innovation Debrief uncovered the 50 most boundary-pushing campaigns of the year to date.

From next-generation hobbies and the revival of opulent luxuries to the domestic innovations happening right at home, we shone a light on the companies that are adapting to changing consumer behaviours and carving out inventive routes forward.

We also highlighted regional innovators and inspiring case studies from our Futures 1000 network of industry professionals, allowing the DuluxGroup team to tune in to the cultural and geographic intricacies of each idea.

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‘What a fantastic and encouraging session we had recently with the Future Laboratory on discovering the latest global trends impacting the way we live & work and getting inspired by great organisations doing outstanding innovations. As usual it was a pleasure to work the Future Laboratory team in Australia.’
Fernando Navarro, Group Innovation Capability, DuluxGroup

Join us for our Australia Presentations Tour 2023

From February 2023, The Future Laboratory’s co-founder Chris Sanderson will be touring Australia offering companies and organisations the unique opportunity to experience our perceptive analysis of future trends, future markets and future consumers through the lens of their own business, consumers and strategic framework.