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Society is facing a mass re-organisation. United by values of empathy and community, consumers are shunning individualism in favour of alliances that are decentralising industries and redistributing power at scale

Our Neo-collectivism report shows that community is a more valuable resource than ever. It unveils the consumer behaviours and trends shaping the future of care, commerce and community. We also reflect on how brands can genuinely place collectivism at the heart of their products, campaigns and workforces.

The report includes the case studies, key microtrends and strategic opportunities set to arm your business with the tools you need to get ready for a Neo-collectivist future.

You can now download the report below.

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What's inside the report?

Our new report unpacks how communities are dispersing power from central organisations – and what this means for brands. The report also includes:

: Drivers

As our collective priorities move from immediate Covid-19 concerns to larger social, planetary and technological inequalities, people are exchanging individual desires and demands for group consensus.

: Insight

Neo-collectivism is not only motivating consumers to create their own systems of commerce, care and community, but leading brands and organisations to reconfigure their own anatomies too.

: Foresight

As collectivism becomes a fundamental principle of the 2030s, citizens will co-exist with brands, families and Web3 communities in new ways.

: Strategic Opportunities

These practical strategies will guide your brand into the era of Neo-collectivism.

Image credit: Sam Miles for The Future Laboratory


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This report is available exclusively for members of The Future Laboratory's trends intelligence platform, LS:N Global.

Members gain exclusive access to the trends, markets and innovations across all eight sectors, and are also entitled to a range of benefits and services, including free access to all of our trends intelligence reports. 

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You can also join us at our Neo-collectivism online event on 31 March where we will be unpacking the the rising trends set to shape our Neo-collectivist future.

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Neo-collectivism Report

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In-house or virtual presentations

Our new presentations are designed for you and your team to engage with both the Neo-collectivism macrotrend and Trends Rising presentations.

Perhaps you want to equip your team with the latest trends and practical insights, or maybe you are looking for an inspiring keynote to be presented to your entire company.

These presentations can be booked as virtual or in-house presentations, delivered by one of our expert presenters. Choose from Trends Rising or the Neo-collectivism macrotrend, sold separately or as a 360-degree collection for a discounted rate.

Each presentation includes the free downloadable PDF of the accompanying macrotrend report, usually available only for members.

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