The Future Laboratory’s Australia Presentation Tour 2023

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The Future Laboratory’s co-founders Christopher Sanderson and Martin Raymond have just touched down back in London, returning from their annual tour in Australia. Here, we unpack some of their key highlights.

This year, our founders returned to Australia after a 3-year hiatus over the pandemic, to host a range of futures presentations, meet up with old and new clients and catch up with our fantastic team in Melbourne.

From February, The Future Laboratory was on the ground in Australia, offering companies and organisations the unique opportunity to experience our perceptive analysis of future trends, future markets and future consumers through the lens of their own business, consumers and strategic framework.
Our expert team of researchers, analysts, strategists and editors crafted a selection of forward-looking presentations covering our latest global macrotrend research.

Read on to discover some key highlights from the tour.

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30 March 2023

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: The Future Laboratory


The Company You Keep
: Future Forecast 2023

Martin Raymond and Chris Sanderson, co-founders of The Future Laboratory presenting at The Company You Keep’s Future Forecast event.
Following a tumultuous year, our Future Forecast presentation, in partnership with The Company You Keep, looked to a celebration of the innovation that has continued to prevail, the innovators and innovations that disrupt sectors and the trends that provide them with the headwinds of change to do so.
At The Future Laboratory, we have been documenting wave after wave of disruption as innovators take on the challenges that are designed to make tomorrow different, but crucially, to make it better and more regenerative.
We explored how brands must prepare for 365 more days of innovation, regeneration and inspiration and delved into understanding and maximising on the sector opportunities that lie ahead.
‘Understanding the currents that move future cultural behaviour provides a great degree of focus for creative practices to isolate opportunities for their clients and their own discourse. The Future Laboratory are the tide report for tomorrows cultural conditions’
Rhys Gorgol, Founder & Creative Principal, The Company You Keep

Joel Found Logo : The Five States of Luxury

The Future Laboratory’s Luxury & Hospitality in the Age of Transformation event in partnership with Joel Found.

Chris and Martin also presented at an event hosted by Joel Found, exploring Luxury Travel & Hospitality in The Age of Transformation, drawing upon our Five States of Luxury framework. 

As we explored, the Luxury sector is demonstrating impressive elasticity in responding to social and cultural events, with brands and organisations addressing everything from their histories and internal workings to inclusive marketing and environmental concerns.

Previously known as The Luxury Index, the Five States of Luxury is our proprietary tool for luxury organisations and agencies to better understand modern luxurian mindsets, and the growth and engagement opportunities in our more elastic luxury landscape.

"The Future Laboratory’s insights across sectors are always remarkably prescient. Their articulation of how consumers are moving through the Five States of Luxury directly correlates with the offer Joel Found is endeavouring to deliver," says Joel Bartfeld, founder of Joel Found.


HM Magazine
: The future of hotel and travel

Chris Sanderson discusses the future of hotel and travel with HM Magazine’s Ruth Hogan for the upcoming Design Inn Symposium event.

Whilst in Australia, Chris joined HM Magazine’s Ruth Hogan at Hilton Sydney to discuss the future of hotel and travel and the changing landscape ahead. 

From the cost of living crisis to the rise of promadic travel and seamless hospitality, Chris’ full interview will be showcased at Design Inn’s upcoming hotel architecture and interior design conference at SkyCity Adelaide on 2 May. You can find out more about the event here.


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