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Explore some of our most recent work in Australia and the wider Asia-Pacific region as our experts present the latest trends and insights locally

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Read on to discover some of our latest activity in Australia.

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19 August 2022

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: The Future Laboratory


: The Future of Travel for Nine


At the peak of Australia’s COVID lockdowns it was possible to imagine a future of roving digital nomads, a large workforce that didn’t need to be in an office but could work from anywhere at any time. That hasn’t exactly happened.

Instead, the cultural shifts have been more subtle – but they have nonetheless fundamentally changed how Australians roam and holiday around the world. It’s worth understanding them to understand how to reach those people.

Nine partnered with The Future Laboratory to take a closer look into the future of travel with detailed analysis and strategic insight, combining data from Nine audience intelligence with The Future Laboratory’s expert trends intelligence.

"It was great to be back at an in-person event - the presentation was truly insightful, and the presenter engaged and entertained the audience, unpacking the key trends around the future of Travel. The Future Laboratory were a pleasure to work with, and from the outset they really grasped onto what we were looking to deliver, to ultimately help inspire a room of Australia's leading travel clients," says David Cook, head of trade marketing, Nine.

Throughout the event, there were eight key trends identified as emerging in travel across Australia and the world – above are four of them.

‘Travel providers must embrace sustainability, innovation and ever-merging categories to stay ahead of the curve.’

: Are Media’s HERfuture event at Adweek

The Future Laboratory's foresight analyst and presenter Rosanna Iacono hosted an event with Are Media to showcase an exclusive global research study defining the future for women, through a powerful Australian lens – HERfuture.

Through global foresight on the key drivers shaping HERfuture, the panel exposed insights on the growing wealth gap, the latest advancements in women’s wellbeing, new parent paradigms, crypto equality, menopausal empowerment, the climate disadvantage and much more.

With case studies of companies doing incredible things, and actionable ideas, the panel discussion was a must see for anyone guiding and communicating with women as we move into a new era.

"It has been a pleasure working on our major thought leadership piece for 2022 with The Future Laboratory - HERFuture. Their expertise in delivering cutting edge foresight is second to none. On this particular project we commissioned a report around the key drivers and trends shaping the future for Australian women. These were then validated here locally via our Are Media panel The Insiders Community in what was a truly collaborative piece of research. Rosanna Iacono has done a fantastic job contributing to the research and in helping us deliver it. We’ve already had great feedback and expect this to continue as we roll it out over the coming months," says Natalie Bettini, Are Media.

: Are Media’s Luxury Trend Forecast 2022

Are Media partnered with The Future Laboratory to understand the future of luxury globally and locally – the dynamics of key consumer groups and the trends they drive.

Here, The Future Laboratory’s Rosanna Iacono explored the impact Covid-19 had on the luxury market and what the sector is demonstrating now in an inter-Covid landscape. 

In the presentation, Rosanna gives a taster of some of the directions luxury brands could take over the next 3-5 years, pulling from our latest framework of the Five States of Luxury.

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