Happy New Year from The Future Laboratory

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2023 is upon us. Welcome to the new year, and from all of us here at The Future Laboratory, we hope it will be a very happy one for you, your team and your loved ones.

2023 is shaping up to be a real year of transformation. As revealed in our latest macrotrend, The Paralysis Paradox, we have noted the emergence of shared solutions and radically disruptive innovation from science, technology and business organisations willing to challenge and transform themselves, their business models and their industries. To do the same, business leaders must embrace the three Ls:

Liability: Becoming accountable for and taking ownership of existential crises, acknowledging uncertainty and embracing transparency

Legitimacy: Proving organisational expertise through cooperation, empathy and engagement

Legacy: Focusing on the positive long-term opportunities, innovation and change that next-generation business leadership and structures can leave behind

Not an easy task by any means, but one that, if done well, should prove game-changing in future-proofing your business and the relationships you have with your clients. You can learn more about The Paralysis Paradox here.

As part of our own efforts to future-proof our business, The Future Laboratory announced we had joined Together Group just before the year end. Together Group is one of the world’s largest groups of luxury-lifestyle agencies, working globally with some of the world’s most famous businesses, helping them to accelerate their growth through creating and launching new brands, transforming existing businesses, expanding into new markets, producing world-leading content and now, with our help, powering businesses with the industry’s leading consumer foresight and strategic intelligence.

We are both equally proud and excited to be part of a group that is already home to world-famous agencies such as Purple, Noe & Associates, King and Partners, Construct and Hot Pot China – a family of businesses that are now able to collectively offer a full service offering to our clients. Find out more about us joining Together Group here.

This year, we have a ton of exciting things in store for you: a combination of new reports, events and webinars will cover all you need to know about what is new and next in your industry. Download our full events calendar for 2023 here.

We are also investing in improvements to LS:N Global, our consumer trends and insights platform. These will be focused on delivering even more globally focused content, more tools to make your jobs easier and the re-launch of The Future Laboratory’s Future Poll – our quantitative division that offers a blend of consumer database insights, bespoke ethnographic and polling research, trend and market sizing services, and much more.

Lastly, internally as a business we are continuing to strive for betterment in all areas, particularly towards people and the planet. We are therefore continuing to prioritise our two pillars of focus for the next five years: Liberation and Sustainability. The future cannot happen without this commitment, and it is the responsibility of us all as individuals and as a community at The Future Laboratory to ensure a more equitable, regenerative society. You can read more about how we plan to do this in our Cultural Manifesto.

If you have any questions, or if you would like strategic advice on how to activate and execute your plans for the coming year, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Together we can make a better future happen.

Cliff Bunting
CEO, The Future Laboratory

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3 January 2023

Author: Cliff Bunting

Image: Sam Miles for The Future Laboratory



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