The Betterverse Report 2022

Taking a people and ethics stance in digital spaces

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The metaverse has become the new multi-trillion dollar digital frontier for all that is immersive, engaged and virtual. But as profits are once more placed before people, some organisations are keen to build a Betterverse by taking a people and ethics first stance

With the evolution of the metaverse, promising to be immersive and collaborative, our new Betterverse report uncovers what the metaverse could embody and the long-term impact of virtual realms. 

From being a space for activism, to the emergence of Low-impact Interfaces that reduce digital carbon footprints, we're exploring how fundamental frameworks governing the metaverse should be created. 

We spotlight the drivers and strategic implications, allowing you to better engage with audiences seeking more immersive and emotive experiences in the era of the Betterverse.

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What's inside the report?

Our analysts and researchers dissect the metaverse's driving forces, strategic implications and future trends in a variety of industries, including media, luxury, fashion, health and beauty and media:

: Drivers

As the metaverse becomes a new frontier of human experience, a series of social, cultural and technological driving forces are underpinning the need for a Betterverse to be created

: Strategic Implications

The key steps that organisations can take to establish their role and brand purpose in the era of The Betterverse

: Future Trends

Charting the ways that global brands and organisations can build metaverse experiences that are inclusive, accessible, empowering and transformative for customers as well as for society as a whole

: Glossary

Essential terminology and definitions relating to the metaverse, Web3 platforms and other accelerating technologies

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The Betterverse Report 2022


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Our new Betterverse Building presentation helps businesses tap into this digital space, understand its massive potential and explore why we need to build a Betterverse – a metaverse that stands for equitability, inclusion, representation, accessibility, transformation, and personal and planetary betterment.

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