10 Chinese Beauty Consumer Myths in 2023

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We are excited to launch a new report in partnership with Hot Pot China debunking the 10 Chinese Beauty Consumer myths in 2023, from ageing prevention versus eradication to the acceptance of fixed beauty ideals. 

China is perhaps the greatest example of a country where beauty standards are nuanced, confusing and evolving, and so it is unsurprising that it is greatly misunderstood – there are many myths about attitudes, motivations and how to successfully market brands in the country.

These myths act as a hindrance to those who truly wish to gain an understanding of Chinese beauty consumers, the dominant norms that influence their buying decisions and the reality of perceived cultural shifts.

For marketers and commercial decision-makers outside of China, successful marketing requires a grasp of consumers’ real-time beliefs and behaviours. Through qualitative and quantitative consumer research, our report offers meaningful insight and practical takeaways, enabling businesses to better connect with today’s Chinese beauty consumers.

The report delves into the following myths, uncovering their realities in the Chinese beauty market:

Myth 1: Younger generations are rebelling against and discarding the fixed beauty ideals in China

Myth 2: Among Chinese women, ageing concerns only start at 40+

Myth 3: Appearing attractive for love interests is all-consuming

Myth 4: Specific product ingredient understanding in China is as low as in the West

Myth 5: Purpose claims are equally important for buyers in China and the West

Myth 6: Skin whitening dominates as the issue for Chinese consumers

Myth 7: Male cosmetics is the next opportunity for brands looking at China

Myth 8: KOL (key opinion leader) live selling ranks as one of the most influential shopper marketing channels in beauty

Myth 9: Deep cosmetics knowledge in the market naturally means strong make-up application skills

Myth 10: Tmall cross-border platform offers the greatest commercial opportunity for Western brands

Download the report below to learn more about the myths surrounding the Chinese beauty consumer market or get in touch to find out more about our services.


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9 March 2023

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: The Balancing Store, Shanghai, China



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