5 Trends to Impact the US Market in 2023

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We are excited to launch a new white paper exploring five key trends to impact the US market in 2023 and beyond, from a rise in next-level partying to collegiate-inspired fashion and entertainment

Against a backdrop of increased tensions in global and domestic markets, as we emerge from a period of unprecedented turbulence, people in the US and all over the world are demonstrating new intentions as they seek pleasure, introspection and experimentation.

From partying through the cost of living crisis to appealing for more from their jobs, Gens A and Z and early Millennials in the US are redefining their values in ways that we have never experienced before.  

In this new white paper, taking key insights from our trends intelligence, consumer foresight and futures innovation platform LS:N Global, we explore five trends set to impact the US market in the next year and take a detailed look at a cross-sample of trends that in a US context capture the contradictions and market contrasts resulting from the global turbulence that is becoming all too familiar and pushing brands to adopt new attitudes as consumers demand more. Trends include: 

: Collegiate Nostalgia
: Next-level Hedonism
: The Awe Economy
: Anti-provocation Platforms
: A preview of our upcoming Work States research

Download the white paper below to learn more about the trends defining the US landscape or get in touch to find out more about our US market services.


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22 February 2023

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Zero10 and Crosby Studios, US



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