Future Forecast 2023

50 consumer trends that will define the coming year

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Following a tumultuous year, 2023 looks to a celebration of the innovation that has continued to prevail, the innovators and innovations that disrupt sectors and the trends that provide them with the headwinds of change to do so.

At The Future Laboratory, we have been documenting wave after wave of disruption as innovators take on the challenges that are designed to make tomorrow different, but crucially, to make it better and more regenerative.

This year's Future Forecast 2023 collection, features a PDF trend report and access to a 1-hour webinar. Within this, you’ll discover 50 cross-sector trends and innovations, a series of viewpoint interviews, 10 industry disruptors, and the directions to monitor according to The Future Laboratory’s analysts.

Prepare for 365 more days of innovation, regeneration and inspiration - let the Future Forecast 2023 help you to understand and maximise on the sector opportunities that lie ahead.

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What’s inside this report?

Our foresight researchers have produced five key trends for each of the 10 sectors. Here’s a snapshot of what you will discover in the report:

: Beauty

In 2023, the beauty sector will simultaneously embrace hyperphysical experience and the growing potential of digital and dual-reality identities. 

: Health & Wellness

Physical spaces and brands will increasingly address the same care needed for our minds as for our bodies. More digital tools will employ AI-driven tech, ushering us into an era of predictive care.  

: Food

Food innovators must explore the digital tools & Web3 capabilities of the Betterverse to provide education about food. Meanwhile, Adaptive Appetites will be key to navigating uncertainty. 

: Drink

The beverage industry will see a wave of decolonisation, with existing brands reassessing their Eurocentric approaches. Simultaneously, the ready-to-drink & no- and low-alcohol markets continue to grow.

: Travel & Hospitality

The emphasis will increasingly be on family-style services and venues built in harmony with the natural environment, as travel and hospitality become proactive in tackling the ongoing climate crisis. 

: Luxury

Luxury is once more becoming exclusive, guilded and hyper-curated. It is also about assets that can be traded and traced in digital as well as physical exchanges.

: Fashion

There is an ease of interconnectivity in the way that Gen Z shop and consume across a growing number of digital resale platforms, while collective nostalgia is also inspiring brands to build archives.  

: Retail

Web3 has the power to unlock community, & retailers will explore this potential in 2023. Digital-first brands are unlocking new physical retail opportunities while bricks-and-mortar retailers are rethinking stores to be Hyperphysical.

: Media, Technology & Fintech

In 2023, the move to a Betterverse for businesses is increasingly being driven by growing challenges to the unregulated dominance big tech has on society.

: Youth

Members of the next-gen audience don’t define themselves by how old they are or where they come from, but by what makes them tick. Youth culture has entered its flat age. It’s lateral, not vertical. 

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