Neo-collectivism Macrotrend

Online Event - 31 March

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Join The Future Laboratory's co-founder, Martin Raymond, and deputy foresight editor, Holly Friend, as they discuss the rising trends set to shape our Neo-collectivist future.

What’s the future of community? It’s the question brands have been asking for decades. But as real-world uprisings rage on and our journey to the metaverse accelerates, global consumers are busy forming new types of alliance. Losing their sense of individualism, they are engaging in new forms of collective thinking, doing and consuming.

In response, brands will need to change from sellers to coordinators, blurring the boundaries between how we define a company, a community and a collective.

In this free online event, including a live Q&A with our experts, we unveil Neo-collectivism, our exclusive macrotrend for 2022. Throughout this inspirational session, we’ll be exploring what this new era will mean for key sectors.

It’s time to match community-centric thinking with community-centric actions. Don’t let your brand be left behind.

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*Unfortunately, due to technical issues beyond our control, we were unable to carry out this event on 24 March. We will however be rescheduling this for 31 March at 2:00pm BST. Thank you for your patience.

Header and Overview: Sam Miles for The Future Laboratory


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‘To rebuild collapsing systems, citizens are wasting no time in forming alliances, recognising that individual action is ineffective when compared to the capabilities of collective bodies, skills and imaginations.’

Holly Friend, deputy foresight editor, The Future Laboratory

The session will take place from 2:00pm to 2:45pm BST. 

Register to attend our free 45-minute live-stream, including a live Q&A with our experts, to find out how your business can usher in Neo-collectivism.

We have also launched an accompanying Neo-collectivism report which is available for members of LS:N Global to download.

Left: Sam Miles for The Future Laboratory

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Martin Raymond (he/him)
Co-founder and editor-in-chief

Martin Raymond is co-founder of The Future Laboratory and editor-in-chief of LS:N Global. Martin is a well-known trend guru, having written several best-selling books on trend forecasting, including The Trend Forecaster’s Handbook andThe Tomorrow People. In 1984, he founded VideoGraphic and became an associate editor at Screen International. After editing and relaunching fashion business bible Fashion Weekly he spent four years at the London College of Fashion as a senior lecturer in fashion journalism.

Holly Friend (she/her)
Deputy foresight editor

Holly Friend is a trend forecaster and futurist obsessed with consumer behaviour. As The Future Laboratory’s deputy foresight editor and in-house Generation Z expert, her work shapes the trends intelligence platform LS:N Global, including micro and macro trend reports, renowned Trend Briefing events and Futures Forums. As well as being quoted by The Guardian, The Times and Dazed, Holly also consults on projects for some of the world’s leading brands and presents insight-packed keynotes at industry events around the world.