What is NPD Innovation?

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The Future Laboratory’s director of strategy and planning, Rachele Simms, discusses what NPD innovation is and how we create disruptive innovation by identifying a set of future opportunities that will manifest in tomorrow’s market

The process of developing a new product – inclusive of physical or intangible goods, services and experiences – is evolving as the world moves faster than ever before. At The Future Laboratory, New Product Development is future-first and collaborative rather than internal and iterative.

Our strategy programmes are designed to provide direction, a plan of action and/or a roadmap for sustainable value creation. When considering NPD, our innovation strategy programme enables clients to harness disruption proactively and strategically.

The Future Laboratory’s global drivers and macrotrends, the cultural and societal shifts over the next 5–10 and 3–5 years, are central to our client-specific consulting, and enable us to foresee and future-proof business decisions made today. These trends give us the ability to anticipate and identify emerging behaviour, and the agility to turn potential scenarios into relevant innovation strategies with the know-how to rethink your business based on the consumer, category and challenges to come. Our future-first NPD innovation is grounded in this foresight.

Our strategic opportunity-mapping tool lays out the other key factors – beyond the future landscape – that enable clients to better understand how to prioritise a trend and what their strategic opportunity is being driven by in order to differentiate. These include further considerations of a business’s and brand’s commercial capabilities and cultural relevance, the category and competitive advantage, and the consumer connection when analysing the findings of all the research inputs.

This enables us to capture and convert foresight and insight into opportunities and implications, and therefore validated platforms for innovation – a clear framework for ideating NPD, creation and execution which is future-fit and has commercial and cultural relevance.

You can discover our Methodology below to find out more or sign up to our Trends & Foresight Masterclass series where we delve further into mastering our methodology.

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15 November 2022

Author: Rachele Simms

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Discover our Methodology

The Future Laboratory’s unique proprietary methodology allows us to track, monitor and determine the key drivers of change affecting future consumers, culture and business.

Our methodology enables clients to interpret and frame all their decisions about future risk within a brand, consumer or organisational context that is provable, practical and minimises uncertainty.

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