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Our Innovation Strategy services are designed to deliver a roadmap in line with this acceleration. We turn foresight thinking into strategic innovations by proactively acknowledging the longer-term market changes that will help you to future-proof today.

Our methodology is designed to inspire a shift in focus, moving from reactive identification of best-fit technology solutions for today’s problems to solving for future consumer needs and desires. This can include:

  1. Identifying Innovation Opportunities – using our trends intelligence to identify, co-develop and validate a set of core innovation themes rooted in new consumer needs and expectations that will be relevant and attractive value propositions for future business growth.

  2. Brand Tracker and Trend Quantifier – measurement of brand-building efforts against these opportunities with a data-led methodology. This allows us to assign key metrics, such as brand awareness and opportunity performance, as well as mapping future excitement and future market potential to prioritise key actions and market applicability.

  3. Ideation workshops to generate breakthrough ideas – we collaborate with you to identify and evaluate the most promising concepts and future solutions, including disruptive tools, services, products and business models.

All with the goal to deliver future-forward, disruptive innovation solutions. Get in touch to find out more about our Innovation Strategy.


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