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Meet The Experts
In this month’s instalment of Meet the Experts, our foresight analyst Abi Buller discusses her role in translating cultural shifts into trends, a newly discovered love of knitting and the trends she is most excited for this year

: How would you describe your role and area of expertise at The Future Laboratory?

I’m a foresight analyst specialising in fashion and retail, while also keeping a close eye on cross-sector shifts in industries including travel, beauty and wellness, and youth and media.

I primarily work in the LS:N Global team, researching and writing daily news stories, microtrends and a whole host of other content. Essentially, my role is to identify cultural and behavioural shifts, which I then translate into trends, foresight predictions and strategic opportunities.

Together with my colleague Savannah Scott, I also co-run The Future Laboratory’s internal Wellbeing Network.

: As a futurist, what does your typical day look like?

I tend to start my day by researching new innovations and insights and adding them to our shared research platform. I’ll then get my head down to write daily news stories or articles for LS:N Global.

Each week I also set aside time for pitching new ideas, interviewing experts and keeping abreast of shifts in the fashion and retail sectors. 

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12 July 2022

Author: Abi Buller

Image: The Future Laboratory


Left: Hyperphyical Stores by Zünc Studio for The Future Laboratory. Right: Abi Buller.

: What is your favourite way to unwind?

Running and yoga are my go-to activities to help me feel energised and more in tune with myself. I’ve also recently discovered knitting, which seems to really help slow my thoughts down after a busy day at work.

: Your go-to working snack and after-work tipple?

I tend to mostly snack on fruit in the mornings, and then reach for dark chocolate or baked goods in the afternoons. I’m not a big drinker, but I occasionally have a light rosé or fruity cocktail after work.

: What was your Plan B career?

When I was younger I had big dreams of being a fashion editor or stylist, but these days my Plan B career would be something like a yoga teacher, florist or full-time cat sitter.

: What trend are you most excited about for the year ahead?

It’s too hard to pick one! I’m super-excited to see how Hyperphysical Stores develops, and the creative ways that retailers are going to bring new life into their stores.

More generally, though, I’m really looking forward to seeing how brands will begin to tune into the youth trends that we explore in The Zalpha Reckoning. Marketers and trend forecasters have been hyper-focused on Generation Z for many years, so it will be fascinating to see the generational nuances that will come with new youth-focused products and initiatives.

‘It will be fascinating to see the generational nuances that will come with new youth-focused products and initiatives.’
Abi Buller, foresight analyst, The Future Laboratory

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