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Meet The Experts
Take a look inside life at The Lab through the lens of our marketing director, Rodrigo Tobal, as we chat about everything from the five main marketing pillars to his favourite after-work tipple

: How would you describe your role and area of expertise at The Future Laboratory? 

As the Director of Marketing, I am responsible for the five main marketing pillars in the business: Brand Awareness and Reputation, Lead Generation, Online Sales, CRM and Analytics. 

It’s fascinating to market the trends and services provided by The Lab, and the work is never repetitive. The marketing team usually work across 20 campaigns yearly, from brand awareness and events to content marketing. 

In the marketing team, we work together with all other areas of the business, including the editorial and strategy teams. We need to ensure that the unique insights and trends published by our trends intelligence platform, LS:N Global, are seen and noticed across the globe, and that our unique strategy offering helps more brands to make a better future happen.  

: As a marketer, what does your typical week look like?

We have different expertise in the team, but one of the most insightful parts is meeting twice a week to look at our campaign calendar and review the plan set for the year by project and campaign. 

Setting a project or campaign live takes a lot of time from many people in the business, from designers and foresight analysts to brand and social media marketers and client development teams. We all work together to deliver the best experience possible across our marketing channels. 

When we finally see the audience engaging and using our content it is so rewarding and gives us the confidence we are on the right path; for example, our Trend Tracker was navigated by more than 20,000 people last year.  

Our new 2022 promoting our Strategy services had more than 25,000 views on YouTube in the first month.  

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21 June 2022

Author: Rodrigo Tobal

Image: The Future Laboratory


: What is your favourite way to unwind? 

Working and living in East London makes everything and everywhere possible on two wheels. I love cycling around and exploring the surroundings of the Haggerston Riviera, where the office is located, and going for long walks around the Hackney Marshes, London Fields and Victoria Park.  

: Your go-to working snack and after-work tipple? 

I love the sandwiches at Shed, just across the street from our office. The one with the pesto and prosciutto is unbelievable – and of course, a pint at The Glory after work.

: What was your Plan B career? 

Being a pop icon (I have just not been discovered yet!) or a chef.  

: What trend are you most excited about for the year ahead? 

Hyperphysical Stores is a captivating one to watch. I have experienced it myself in the Jacquemus pop-up in Selfridges. I can already see how it is unfolding and look forward to engaging with more retail experiences like that. 

‘We ensure that our unique offering helps more brands to make a better future happen.’
Rodrigo Tobal, director of marketing, The Future Laboratory

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