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Meet The Experts
Welcome to our new Meet the Experts blog series, where we interview our foresight analysts, creatives, strategists, researchers, futurists and specialists to give you an insight into the people behind the trends

In our first episode, we interview our creative foresight analyst and co-founder of The Future Laboratory Wellbeing Network, Savannah Scott.

: How would you describe your role and area of expertise at The Future Laboratory? 

I’m a Creative Foresight Analyst specialising in the food and drink, retail and design sectors. Essentially, my role is to identify and visually communicate global trends across various lifestyle sectors.

I am also the co-founder of The Future Laboratory's Wellbeing Network, which provides resources, insights and support surrounding all areas of mental health and physical wellbeing for the team.

: As a futurist, what does your typical day look like?

Being a Creative Foresight Analyst means every day is different, as we look after a range of creative aspects at The Future Laboratory. For me, however, a sweet coffee and a good breakfast while digesting the news is a good place to begin. 
I usually like to start work by doing research and looking for new innovators, interesting creative projects or insights that might be useful for future trends. This will be followed by visualising a few articles for LS:N Global and building on a few trend ideas. 

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27 April 2022

Author: Savannah Scott

Image: The Future Laboratory


Left: Sam Miles for The Future Laboratory. Right: Savannah Scott, creative foresight analyst.

: What is your favourite way to unwind? 

Anything that involves being outdoors or music. I’m originally from South Africa, so sun, sea, running or hiking are a bit of me. 

: Your go-to working snack and after-work tipple? 

Anything sweet I can get my hands on, paired with a stunning white wine.

: What was your Plan B career? 

I have a background in fashion design, creative strategy and anthropology, so I’d like to say one of those, but in an alternative world I’d be a florist or musician.

: What trend are you most excited about for the year ahead? 

As a creative, I’m really intrigued to see how Neo-collectivism plays out among designers. As we have this shift in mindset towards shared empathetic values and a universal rebuilding, I’m watching the design world and systems quite closely to see how this changes how we design, why we design and who we design for. 

‘I’m watching the design world and systems quite closely to see how this changes how we design, why we design and who we design for.’
Savannah Scott, creative foresight analyst, The Future Laboratory

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