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Future Forecast 2023
Youth culture is no longer just about young people. Youth culture has entered its flat age. It is lateral, not vertical. It’s based on values not demographics – a state of mind not an age.

Zalphas are wise beyond their years, so brand communications must reflect this, championing their awareness and maturity. For aesthetic directions, think future-facing, high-shine surfaces and kaleidoscopic colours that are more in step with their attitudes. There is also an opportunity to help Generations Z and Alpha navigate and shape the future of work and yet-to-exist job roles. 

In our new Future Forecast 2023 report and webinar collection, we explore five trends from the Youth sector:

1. Flat Agers

2. Zeducation

3. Zalpha Playscapes

4. Sports Rebranded

5. Gen Z Parents

Alongside a Viewpoint from co- founder of modern African lifestyle platform Dola, Yannick Do, unpacking the vast opportunities for brands to connect with the world’s youngest continent.


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19 December 2022

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: The Feel Good Marketplace by Woo, UK



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