Future Forecast 2023 : Travel & Hospitality

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Future Forecast 2023
The future of the travel and hospitality sector is a challenging one, but those brands and services that allow individuals to enjoy the human qualities of travel once again will find a firm way forward. 

The emphasis will increasingly be on family-style services and venues that are built in harmony with the natural environment while regenerative growth will replace sustainability as travel and hospitality brands begin to understand the need to be proactive in their approaches to tackling the ongoing climate crisis.

In our new Future Forecast 2023 report and webinar collection, we explore five trends from the Travel & Hospitality sector:

1. Humanity Hospitality

2. Regenerative Tourism

3. Branded Hospitality

4. Transformative Travel

5. Global Home

Alongside a Viewpoint from Harsha L’Acqua, the founder of hospitality training venture Saira Hospitality, explores how the sector is nurturing the next generation of talent.DISCOVER THE FUTURE OF TRAVEL & HOSPITALITY 

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29 December 2022

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Hôtel Amour. Photography by Gil Anselmi for Highsnobiety, France



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