Future Forecast 2023 : Health & Wellness

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Future Forecast 2023
Our mental wellbeing has become just as important as our physical wellbeing. In retail, physical spaces and brands will address the same care needed for our minds as for our bodies, such as with mental health gyms.

Our Neo-collectivism mactrotrend highlights new spaces informed by traditional ideals of kinship that are turning care into the next pillar of wellbeing. In 2023, more digital tools will employ ambient, AI-driven tech, ushering us into an era of predictive care. AI innovation is also driving the femtech sector, as applied to the burgeoning perimenopause market and also to the need for life-long hormonal partners.

In our new Future Forecast 2023 report and webinar collection, we explore five trends from the Health & Wellness sector:

1. Retail Therapy

2. Predictive Optimisation

3. Care-full

4. Hormonal Life Partners

5. Game-fit 

Alongside a Viewpoint from Jack Lewis, CEO and founder of London-based Sowvital, explains how the beauty-inspired fertiliser brand is cultivating a new form of self-care while offering an inspiring example of how to embed joy and integrity into the heart of a brand.DISCOVER THE FUTURE OF HEALTH & WELLNESS 

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23 December 2022

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Health Kickback by Mother Goods, US



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