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Future Forecast 2023
The post-Covid rush to be out, meet people and eat out has faded, dampened by rising living costs and global financial turmoil, which is set to continue in 2023.

Dining spaces will need to offer escapism and cater for changing notions of indulgence. Food innovators must explore the digital tools and Web3 capabilities of the Betterverse to provide access to and education about food. Meanwhile, Adaptive Appetites – from both consumers and brands – for fostering agility will be key to navigating ongoing food, energy and financial turbulence.

In our new Future Forecast 2023 report and webinar collection, we explore five trends from the Food sector:

1. Extreme Dining

2. The Foodverse

3. The Indulgence Paradox

4. Activism Eating 

5. Austerity Innovators

Alongside a Viewpoint from Supreet Raju, co-founder of OneRare, unpacking the potential that Web3 can offer food brands, chefs and the public by bridging digital and real-life experiences.


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20 December 2022

Author: The Future Laboratory

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