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Get to know your future consumers and understand how to use global trends, strategic foresight and market innovations to stay ahead of developments in the US market and beyond.

It’s no secret how challenging today’s environment is for brands in the US, from an omnichannel presence and e-commerce to artificial intelligence and the cost of living crisis, strategy and decision-making for the future success of businesses are quickly becoming more and more complicated.
We’re sure that the next few years will continue to pose significant challenges to brands in the US, so we’re seizing the opportunity to help our US-based clients, making it easier than ever for brands and agencies in the market to access and employ our range of strategic foresight services.

Find out more about our US market research and range of services below, or click the link to book a meeting with our team.

Hero image: ES Devlin Memory Palace, photography by Peter Mallet. Overview image: The Future Laboratory.

The Future Laboratory

5 Trends to Impact the US Market in 2023

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Get your copy of our new white paper exploring five key trends, from a rise in next-level partying to collegiate-inspired fashion and entertainment.

The findings in this white paper are an example of the depth and reach of content found on our trends intelligence and consumer foresight platform, LS:N Global. Download the white paper here or get in touch for a demo. 

What do you want to know about the future?
What’s next for the US market? Which trends are set to take the country by storm? What opportunities for innovation are there in your sector?

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Case Studies

For the past 20+ years our brand and agency clients have relied on our foresight to inform strategic decision-making, empower creative thinking and help to craft campaigns.

Browse some of our latest case studies or get in touch to brief us on your own project.

The Future Challenge: Developing Future-Now opportunities for WarnerMedia

‘How do we understand cultural trends and their impact on our consumers to future-proof our offerings and experiences?’

OutcomeUsing our proprietary trends system, we developed a trends framework that uncovered opportunities at the intersections of technology and content for us to explore in ethnographic interviews with early adopter consumers. These validated territories created a springboard for a wide range of teams to explore the future now, and enabled the business to put the future consumer at the heart of WarnerMedias core offerings across multiple divisions.

Nespresso Logo
The Future Challenge: Exploring the future workplace with Nespresso

‘What does the future workplace look like, and how can we become a thought-leader in this space?’

Outcome: We were asked to create a thought-leadership report to help Nespresso understand the future workplace as it prepared to launch its Momento B2B coffee machine. We interviewed experts from our Futures 1,000 panel, and used our desk researchers, visual analysts and LS:N Global insight hubs to produce a sharp, incisive and media-friendly report that identifies and explores the next decade of workplace trends. We hosted an immersive media event to launch the public-facing report, with a short film, visual presentation and panel discussion with industry experts, helping to generate significant coverage in various media outlets.

Google Play
The Future Challenge: Helping Google Play Drive Inclusivity in Mobile Gaming

‘How can we make mobile gaming truly for everyone by celebrating and empowering women as players and creators?’

Outcome: We were selected as Google Play’s lead strategic research partner and tasked to create thought leadership to help it develop a deeper understanding of female game player needs. We carried out a mobile ethnography study across the UK, the US, Japan and Europe, followed by an in-depth in-home study with carefully selected consumers to explore changing attitudes, beliefs, practices and concerns. We then deployed an insight-driven quantitative study to glean data for the ‘change the game’ white paper, which was launched to industry, press and external audiences.

Spotify_Logo_CMYK_Green copy 2-1
The Future Challenge: 
Shaping the Future with Spotify

‘How do we understand global change and connect with early adopter consumers to harness culture, and drive brand and artist advocacy in a fluid, on-demand world?’

Outcome: In collaboration with Spotify and GfK we developed a global foresight framework to identify eight key macrotrends that shed light on the future of culture, and their impact on entertainment, music and technology. This work was global in nature, covering 12 key markets across the Western and Eastern hemispheres in order to empower local product, segmentation and communication strategies.

QIC copy 2-1
The Future Challenge: Connecting People and Places with QIC|GRE

‘Which emerging cultural shifts in consumer behaviour do we need to prepare for in order to re-orientate and future-proof our developments?’

Outcome: In collaboration with QIC|GRE, our analysts developed a global foresight framework to identify 10 key macrotrends across retail, placemaking and lifestyle that shed light on the future of consumer behaviour. We interviewed early adopter consumers in Australia and examined trends across lifestyle sectors. This resulted in the creation of a range of digital tools to help teams across the QIC|GRE business use these future opportunities in real time.

The Future Challenge: Helping Future-proof a Leading Premium Vodka Brand

‘How can we future-proof the Absolut product by identifying the next relevant disruptive opportunity areas?’

Outcome: With younger audiences going teetotal and the world at large turning to more mindful drinking habits, Absolut needed to re-evaluate its product to keep up with new consumption behaviour. Using our proprietary trends system, we created a foundation of six innovation territories to explore new product opportunities for Absolut to explore and develop. Our in-depth approach centred on an opportunities matrix along with a pipeline hypothesis that would enable the innovations to thrive throughout the Absolut business.

Dell-Black-Logo-PNG (2)
The Future Challenge: Reshaping the way we work, live and play over the next decade

 'How can Dell identify and adapt to future opportunities and challenges to continue to thrive to 2035 and beyond?'

Outcome: We created a Bespoke Foresight Report and scenarios to act as a springboard for Dell to consider its place, purpose and viable business offering in a Probable, Possible, Problematic and Promising future. The insights provoke strategic thinking, insight derivation and action mapping for the future that help Dell make the most informed, rounded and innovative strategic decisions today. The insights influence how Dell re-imagines its business and what plans to put in place today for their preferred future.

The Future Challenge: Forging meaningful relationships with consumers in the future

‘In a world transformed by technology, how can Bacardi harness innovation to maintain its leading position in 2030?’

Outcome: Through input from our Futures 1000 Panel, we researched and produced a Strategic Bespoke Foresight Report, videos and marketing collateral aimed internally at senior business leaders. Horizons 2030 paints an emotive yet tangible picture of the technologies that will be commonplace and routine in the lives of consumers in 2030, and their everyday impact on people. The foresights and insights are explored through four speculative day-in-the-life of a 2030 consumer scenarios in key markets such as Germany, India, China and the US, validated and debiased through our network of Cultural Navigators. 

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Our strategic intelligence and solution-focused methodology form the roadmap that your business needs to create new opportunities and mitigate risk.

As leading experts in what is next for over 21 global sectors, you can partner with us to determine how your business can take advantage of shifts in buyer attitude and the types of new exchange and engagement driving spending habits.

Get in touch today to discuss how our range of services can support your future.

Image credit: Zünc Studio for The Future Laboratory.

Zunc Studio for The Future Laboratory, UK (1)
‘The Future Lab helped us sharpen the focus on a large and ambiguous project to ensure that we had actionable output. The work they did for us will serve as a backdrop for most of our projects in the next few years. They are a pleasure to work with in addition to being exceptional at their jobs.’
Lindsey Everett-Lawrence, Dell Global Innovation Studios.

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