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Strategic Foresight at the heart of your organisation

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As one of the world’s most renowned futures consultancies, we believe strategic foresight should sit at the heart of any organisation. Our methodology prioritises the trends set to disrupt your category and understand the impact on your business to get ahead of the competition and prepare for tomorrow. 

Our Foresight Framework™ proprietary methodology aligns organisations by providing a shared view of the future and an in-depth understanding of the forces of consumer change. As your organisation’s bespoke tool, it becomes a central resource to plan for change, by de-risking and future-proofing your decision-making and highlighting specific trends opportunities for the next three to five years or more.  

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Our Three-step Programme

1. An Applied Foresight Sprint 

At the core of our operations, since 2000, lies LS:N Global®, our subscription-based consumer foresight and trends intelligence service. We audit, identify and contextualise the key issues set to affect your organisation for immediate impact and action.  

Foresight Research System (FRS): FRS is a live, AI-powered internal central database updated daily by a cross-sector team of analysts, researchers and strategists housing innovative case studies, statistics and reports across all consumer lifestyle sectors and global markets. 

Our Report Bank: With access to hundreds of industry white papers and reports, we undertake meta-analysis and use AI to identify unifying themes, data and insights. 

Statistics and Data: We are underpinned by data science. We use quantitative statistics and research including Future Poll™ to support qualitative findings and provide evidence-backed data.  

2. Bespoke Strategic Research and Framing

In order to stress test and de-bias any working hypothesis from step one, we then conduct strategic research to fill any knowledge gaps and further validate our future thinking. 

Future Communities: The impact of major shifts in consumer behaviour is central to our client work due to the level of impact on the business environment in the long term.

Futures 1000 Expert Panels: Our global of 1,000 academic experts, specialists and thought-leaders  gives our clients the opportunity to gain their primary, highly educated sector insights.

In-market Cultural Navigators: These external researchers are an extension of our network to provide cogent, first-hand insights into the culture in which they live, and to debias our research and thinking.

Futures 100 Innovators: Our Futures 100 Innovators is an annual longlist of 100 disruptors and change-makers. 

3. Integrating and Actioning

We then build your Foresight Framework™ presentation and run a series of workshops to identify practical, insight-led opportunities, making the research directional, applied and practical for clients.  

This framework will consist of 4–6 bespoke macrotrends, 8–12 category-level trends and themes aimed at your sector, category or product offer. 

To create further alignment throughout your organisation, we unpack your framework into strategic implications for you and your teams. This includes a trajectory of recommendations across different horizons – now, new and next – and different business functions, from marketing communications and NPD to internal operations and brand strategy. 

Elevate strategic foresight to be a key component of your growth plan, effectively using trends as a powerful business tool. 

Case Study: A global leader in beauty   

Future Challenge : What are the disruptive future beauty and wellness trends and how can our brands use them to continually drive innovation and retail their market-leading position? 

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To refresh a global framework of key macro- and beauty trends with the ultimate goal of ensuring trend sufficiency as well as to inform the creation of new trends and future growth opportunities across multiple business units.

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By using our proprietary foresight methodology to refresh a set of bespoke macro-drivers, consumer value shifts, beauty themes and how these trends could affect specific business units including skincare, make-up, fragrance and haircare across a number of key time horizons – three, five and 10 years – and the implications for innovation.  

This update included expert interviews, local and regional nuances using cultural navigators in major cities globally, and further validation and prioritisation through a brand tracker and trend qualifier using quantitative surveys.

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The existing framework was refreshed and translated into 12 new opportunity areas which set the parameters for NPD innovation across multiple regions. Local market addendums for China, the US, Europe, the Nordic countries and South Korea were provided to highlight local translations, nuances and evidence.  

Creation of a Foresight Framework focusing on the nascent stages of a movement has enabled the business to anticipate, create and implement future opportunities before they reach the early majority. 


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