New Codes of Luxury in Saudi Arabia

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Explore our New Codes of Luxury in Saudi Arabia report, featuring market and mindset shifts underpinned by proprietary data from FuturePoll™, The Future Laboratory’s quantitative division. 

The report analyses the key trends shaping luxury locally, with case studies, consumer insights and strategic areas of opportunity to create a clear view of the key success factors for brands, and to encourage the next generation of Saudi-first enterprises to thrive. 

Image credit: Ithra Culture Center by Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia- Photography by Ahmad Alnaji

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What’s inside the report?

Our new report provides new levels of insight into KSA’s luxury market, including: 

 : The Saudi Luxury Consumer Landscape 

We unpack some of the myths and misconceptions while providing insights into key consumer cohorts for KSA’s future as a nexus of locally relevant yet internationally networked luxury. 

 : Overarching Mindset Shifts 

An overview of rising trends aligned with Vision 2030 aspirations, facilitated by a commitment to technological innovation, ambitious hospitality and tourism projects, and local enterprise. 

 : Creating Future Saudi Luxury Experiences, Destinations and Brands 

Discover the strategic areas of opportunity and themes of innovation that can be converted to create Saudi Arabia’s luxury experiences, destinations and brands of tomorrow. 

Image credit: Leyja oasis resort Neom, Saudi Arabia. Photography supplied by Habitas


About Together Group

Together Group is a curated collective of creative consultancies, marketing, technology and production studios crafting the future of luxury and lifestyle.

The portfolio includes The Future Laboratory, Construct, Noë & Associates, King & Partners, PURPLE, North Six, Folk, Hot Pot China and Seven Dials City.

Together we create and elevate brands, experiences and destinations through our profound understanding of luxury consumer desires, imaginative and immersive storytelling, meticulous design of experiences and innovative use of technology.

Our vibrant community of thinkers, makers and innovators are connected by a relentless cultural curiosity, commitment to excellence and shared passion for delivering meaningful and lasting value for our clients. 

Together Group’s Middle East HQ provides a seamless experience, executive management and strategic insight in harmony with a regional context and a vision to shape the future of luxury in the region. 

Image credit: Leyja oasis resort Neom, Saudi Arabia

Leyja oasis resort Neom, Saudi Arabia- Photography supplied by Habitas
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Bespoke Reports

Our team of experts can also create Bespoke Reports and thought-leadership content based on the topic of your choice. Our reports help you to drive profitability, identify new sector opportunities and stay ahead of the curve in an uncertain world.

We provide brands and businesses with a futures point of view on the impact of the evolving consumer landscape alongside trends on relevant industries, sectors and topics.

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