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Two years on and the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact on consumers’ lives on a global scale. As business professionals and as private citizens, we’re having to rethink and rebuild everything we once knew and took for granted – from how we live and work, to how we perceive ourselves

Our Australia Trend Briefing report shows you how to navigate the inter-Covid era and beyond with two new mind-expanding macrotrends.

 has been a global accelerator – in systems, networks and technologies; bio-vaccines have been brought to market in record time; an online-first approach to how we shop, work, play and do business that should have taken five years has been done in weeks. 

Celebrating this hyper-accelerated push into tomorrow our global teams take you on a ride through the decentralised city; the deepening of our digital selves; the rise and shine of campus corporations; the growth of federated super-regions, and the evolution of the structure and role of brands.

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Equilibrium Cities

How will post-pandemic environments be reimagined?

The pandemic has sapped the energy of urban life. Revealing stark inequalities between global citizens, Covid-19 is exposing issues with urban safety, public services and access to green spaces in our cities. This demands new and urgent approaches to how our streets and spaces are used, alongside a reframing of who and what are the priorities of our future city. In the 2020s, we anticipate the rise of Equilibrium Cities.

This trend tracks how our built environments are becoming healthier, inclusive and more responsive. As we move through The Transformative Twenties, data-first digital systems will enable people to shape and experience their cities remotely, possibly even in alternative realms. 

In the Equilibrium Cities report we reveal trends such as:

: Blended Cultural Realms
: Salubrious Streets
: Intersectional Developments
: Well-frastructure
: City Super-networks
: Digital Domains


Elastic Brands

How quickly can your brand respond, recalibrate and adapt?

Forget advertising campaigns and branded content. As the power dynamic shifts between brands and consumers, all eyes are on the inner workings of your business – and how seamlessly it can respond, recalibrate and adapt. Moving beyond reactionary thinking, this is a chance for brands to pilot a truly transformative future for business.

In this report, we examine how as the power dynamic shifts between brands and consumers, all eyes are on the inner workings of businesses, and how seamlessly they can respond and recalibrate. In order to survive the economic tumult, Elastic Brands must move beyond reaction and instead take a kinetic approach to their business models, from everyday operations to their supply chains and workforce.

In the Elastic Brands report we reveal trends such as:

: Symbiosis Strategies
: Conscious Recalibration
: Flux Capital
: Intangibrands
: Chief Disaster Officers
: Dynamic Democracy



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