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The 50 most boundary-pushing campaigns of the year

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Emergency initiatives put in place to mitigate the global health crisis have crystalised into resilient corporate strategies and spawned a flurry of new brands and companies. Here, we round up the most innovative

Bringing together some of the most impactful case studies from our trends intelligence platform, LS:N Global, this year’s Innovation Debrief report uncovers the 50 most boundary-pushing campaigns of the year to date.

From next-generation hobbies and the revival of opulent luxuries to the domestic innovations happening right at home, we're shining a light on the companies that are adapting to changing consumer behaviours and carving out inventive routes forward.

We spotlight 10 regional innovators and inspiring case studies from our Futures 1000 network of industry professionals, allowing you to tune in to the cultural and geographic intricacies of each idea.

You’ll also find essential statistics and analysis from our in-house foresight specialists, alongside strategic implications that will help your company to understand how, why and where it can apply these insights. 

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Header image: Airsign. Identity by High Tide. Photography by Charlie Schuck, US


Oliver Spencer and Niwaki, UK-2-1

Departures in the Wadi Rum Desert by Adorno- Photography by Iñigo Inchaurraga, Jordan-2-3

SAMOCVET by MAPPA and digital artist Varya Schuka- Photography by Alisa Gulkanyan, Russia-1-2


What's inside the report?

This report presents innovative brand campaigns, inspiring and essential statistics across the following 10 themes:

: Benefit Brands

Declining brand loyalty is prompting companies to reconsider traditional reward schemes.


: Neo-opulence

Consumers are reviving glamour, opulence and hedonism as they push the Pleasure Revolution in new directions.


: Recreation Operations


Companies are turning their attention to the pandemic-driven explosion in hobbies, creating products and activations that cater for playful pastimes.


: Sensorial Strategies


Pandemic-induced touch deprivation is resulting in demand for products, packaging and marketing that stimulate the senses.


: Climate-combative Beauty


Extreme weather events are becoming more common across the globe, with sobering implications for the beauty and health industries.


: Digital Dining


Creating a link between online and offline, restaurant and hospitality venues are infusing internet aesthetics into physical settings and products.


: Sidewalk Science


Science will continue to play a vital role in everyday life as communities across the world recover from the pandemic – and prepare for future health events.


: Avant Abodes

Consumers are continuing to invest more in their domestic environments because of the ability to work from home, fashioning versatile spaces.


: Emotive Employers

Traditional wellness benefits such as flexible hours, mental health app subscriptions and remote working are no longer sufficient to retain talent.


: Tech-powerment


Consumers are demanding reform from the corporate giants that govern their data and dictate their online experiences


Image credits: Oliver Spencer and Niwaki, UK; Departures in the Wadi Rum Desert by Adorno. Photography by Iñigo Inchaurraga, Jordan; SAMOCVET by MAPPA and digital artist Varya Schuka. Photography by Alisa Gulkanyan, Russia


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Image credit: Victoria Ling for The Future Laboratory



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