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Simply put, the metaverse is the ultimate merger between physical and digital realms. That’s the ambition, at least.

But as our new Meta-tainment Futures report indicates, the reality, as always, is far more complex than we imagine. Already, Bloomberg expects the metaverse to be worth £589bn by 2024, while brands such as Meta and Microsoft – with its £50bn purchase of games publisher Activision Blizzard – are hailing it as the next big tech thing.

But it’s still early days, with as many new, next and emerging brands staking a claim there along with more familiar ones. In our new 48-page report, we look at the category disruptors, the case studies to learn from, and the sectors and innovators that are leading the way.

But crucially – for those brands still considering their metaverse strategy – we examine how and why the metaverse isn’t a single entity that sits on servers or lives within headsets, but is a multi-verse, multiplex mix of VR, AR and IRL (in real life) moments and experiences that require you to have an equally blended approach to satisfying consumer needs and behaviours.

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What's inside the report?

Our analysts and researchers unpack the category’s case studies, innovators and game-changers across 10 sectors, including retail, luxury, fashion, health and beauty, youth, media, entertainment, and travel and hospitality:

: Retail

Sellers are engaging with metaverse realms to elevate customer loyalty, reduce the impact of physical stores and expand their real estate investments in pixels, not bricks.

: Luxury

From immersive brand adventures to the new Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) investing in high-value digital assets, luxury labels are turning to digital spaces to bolster access as well as amplify exclusivity.

: Fashion

The fashion sector is maximising on the metaverse as a tool for global connections, brand opportunities and more sustainable practices, shaping education, marketing and runway shows with everything from non-fungible token (NFT) products to DAO buying groups.

: Health & Wellness

New digital and web3 tools and platforms are transforming our experience of real-world beauty and wellness – from perfume to fitness and therapy – into wondrous digital realms.

: Youth

Friendship, dating and social media are being upended by young people who – with little nuance between their real-life and online personas – are taking their digital experiences into their own hands.

: Media

New digital platforms are providing room for more diverse opinions, advice and experiences for netizens – with key lessons for brands that want to create and inspire their audiences online.

: Entertainment

From music festivals and fandom to the design of our future homes, new technologies are transforming touchpoints in our daily lives into engaging entertainment experiences.

: Travel & Hospitality

Metaverse tourism is already opening doors to the world, while NFT members’ clubs and data-driven hotels point to a future of more collaborative hybrid hospitality.

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Meta-tainment Futures Report


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