Youth & Media Futures 2021

The Zalpha Reckoning



We have just emerged from the most online period in human history. But this means that media and technology brands must work harder than ever to maintain momentum

Our new Youth & Media Futures 2021 report reveals the trends driving our interconnected future, from the emergence of a Digital Afterlife to the Curator Kids overthrowing the creator economy. And from Vietnam to the US, our Global Youth Snapshot sheds light on the ways in which Generation Z are balancing online and offline communities.

As well as our new The Zalpha Reckoning macrotrend, this report also includes Global Drivers, Market Shifts, Trends Rising and Strategic Implications that detail how to use the framework effectively.  

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Image credit: Kaleidoscopic Home by Tin & Ed for SPACE10 and IKEA's Everyday Experiements, Denmark

H&M Role Models, UK

What's inside the report?

Youth & Media analysis across key markets, case studies and consumer insights combined to help you understand and grasp business success in the years ahead. The report also includes:

: Trends Rising

Powered by a change-hungry future generation, these are the six trends set to shake up the media and technology market.

: Global Youth Snapshot

Discover the subcultures redefining the meaning of global youth culture across Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

: Macrotrend: The Zalpha Reckoning

A first look at the tweenage Gen Zalphas who are swapping childhood to take responsibility for our planet.

: Strategic Implications

These practical strategies will guide your brand through the coming era of youth atonement.

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Image credit: H&M Role Models, UK

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Image credit: Earthkinology by Alisa Ruzavina, UK

Earthkinology by Alisa Ruzavina, UK
Black Girls Code Lab in New York. Designed by architect Danish Kurani, US

Youth & Media Presentations

Our new presentations are designed for you and your team to engage with both The Zalpha Reckoning macrotrend and Trends Rising presentations set to radicalise the food and drink landscape.

Perhaps you want to equip your team with the latest trends and practical insights, or maybe you are looking for an inspiring keynote to be presented to your entire company.

These presentations can be booked as virtual or in-house presentations, delivered by one of our expert presenters. Choose from Trends Rising or The Zalpha Reckoning macrotrend, sold separately or as a 360-degree collection for a discounted rate.

Each presentation includes the free downloadable PDF of the accompanying macrotrend report, usually available only for members.


Image credit: Black Girls Code Lab in New York. Designed by architect Danish Kurani, US


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