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As markets prepare for the Great Wealth Transfer (GWT), The Future Laboratory, in partnership with the Modern Affluence Summit, takes you behind the hype to look at what this shift really means in terms of modern affluent behaviours and the insights driving them.

Millennials and Gen Z affluents will inherit unprecedented amounts of wealth and the global financial sector needs to consider how their politics, attitudes and increasingly activist mindsets will affect their views on investment.

This report demonstrates that this generational exchange isn’t just about financial capital, it’s also about its cultural, social, ethical and environmental  counterparts – how we embrace them, learn them, and finally practise them with a more long-term altruistic outlook.

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What’s inside the report?

Our new report provides new levels of insight into the different generations of modern affluents. The report includes:

New Modern Affluents
As F. Scott Fitzgerald once quipped to Ernest Hemingway: "The rich are different from you and me." Hemingway replied, "Yes, they have money..." Despite economic challenges, the wealthy still possess significant wealth, but their spending habits have evolved.

The Boomer Mindset
Boomers, pioneers of contemporary lifestyle products, primarily invest in stocks - around 30%, according to FeeX. They also diversify into money markets, bonds, pension funds, property, cash, and lifestyle assets like cars, watches, jewelry, wine, and art.

The Luxe Millennial Outlook
For Millennials, ethics and investments go hand in hand. They tend to avoid stocks, with only 25% investing, in contrast to 55% of those over 43, according to Bank of America.

Purposeful Luxury
Millennials are reshaping their property investments to seek impact, sustainability, purpose, and positive environmental outcomes, mirroring their approach to luxury, fashion, and art.

Generation Z-uit Set
Gen Z, including Z-suites and ZEOs, is now a significant force in workplaces and luxury fashion brand boards. Together with Millennials, they are becoming the largest luxury consumer group, voicing their demands and challenging norms.

Lifestyle Asset Class (LAC) Categories
Research by The Future Laboratory reveals that HNWI Gen Z is leveraging digital expertise, along with knowledge of crypto, NFTs, and blockchain, to enhance their style and wealth by investing strategically in fashion, art, and luxury.


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This report has been created in collaboration between The Future Laboratory and Modern Affluence Exchange.

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