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Over the next decade, society will be reshaped by a set of influential and pervasive forces. We call them The Global Drivers.

It’s difficult to ignore the hardships faced by society today, not only on an individual level, but also by the brands and businesses operating in this challenging climate. Embracing long-termism and experimentation becomes even more vital in such circumstances, and rather than fearing the unknown or clinging to outdated visions, we should view trends and foresight as invaluable navigational tools.

Download an overview of the six key Global Drivers transforming the world we live in today and understand how the trajectory of these drivers will affect the role, purpose and direction of your business as we move towards 2030.


The Six Global Drivers

At the heart of The Future Laboratory, and core to our client work, is a unique proprietary methodology that allows us to determine, define and track the key drivers of change affecting the future. We do this by tracking six key Global Drivers.



Accelerating Technologies

With technological adoption and innovation continuing to accelerate, and new developments in AI and blockchain technology dominating headlines over the past year, the limits of technological progress and its impact on civilisation are almost unfathomable.

Climate Crisis and Resource Scarcity

The urgency surrounding climate change is now a full-blown emergency, existentially threatening humanity and industry. But ambitious goals and targets are emerging, backed by tangible action plans, alongside a growing sense of pragmatism over doomerism.

Evolving Demographics

Over the next decade, the shape of our global population is set to change dramatically. These shifts will redefine tomorrow’s demographics and profoundly reshape societal and cultural systems in terms of identity, beliefs and values.

Fragmenting Societies

Fractious inequalities and divisions are being exposed in a fast-changing, unstable world. VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) has often been used to describe this situation, but today, BANI (brittle, anxious, non-linear and incomprehensible) is emerging as a more appropriate acronym.


After decades of liberalisation, the world we live in is inextricably interconnected – socially, technologically, economically, environmentally and politically. But lack of equitable collaboration has stymied mutual progress, leaving us in a state of co-dependency rather than cooperation.

Urbanising World

Despite ever-evolving migration patterns and the repercussions of a global pandemic, cities remain the financial, technological and cultural epicentres of society, acting as the main environments for daily life and work for a vast majority of the global population.

Download the executive summary

The global drivers are the fundamental shifts or external forces that have the potential to reshape the future trajectory of a brand or business. 

They help to contextualise decision-making by considering why and how the world is being reshaped. They enable us to rethink what kind of world consumers will live in and therefore what will drive the businesses of tomorrow.  

Download an executive summary of our Global Drivers refresh and delve into the big changes in store for your business.


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Book an in-house or virtual presentation with our team to deliver the drivers in depth and explore the ways in which they will reshape your sector or business in 10+ years.

The presentation features:

: A breakdown of our unique methodology and how it allows us to determine, define and track the key drivers of change affecting the future of your business
: An exploration of each of the six key Global Drivers and what they mean for the future 
: Key case studies for each driver
: A look at the Seven Human Needs - the timeless and universal forces supporting the drivers

Book yours now and explore how your business can use forward-thinking and strategic flexibility to succeed during times of uncertainty.

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