Becoming a Strategic Foresight Leader

Live Q&A: Trends & Foresight Masterclass Series 2
13th August 2024

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As uncertainty becomes the norm, strategic foresight becomes the tool to manage and mitigate it. But to use it effectively, we need to challenge bias, embrace risk, defy short-termism and commit to long-now thinking and strategies.

The Future Laboratory’s co-founder Martin Raymond answers your questions about the changing role of strategic foresight in an increasingly volatile and uncertain business environment as he unpacks key insights from The Trends and Foresight Masterclass Series 2.

You are invited to join Martin Raymond for a live Q&A on 13 August 2024 from 3:30pm to 4:30pm BST as he considers what foresight leadership looks like, and discusses the newest tools, techniques and strategic approaches required to make us better and more effective leaders and decision-makers.  

But, as he explains, this requires us to rebuild how we engage with the world from the inside out – so new mental frameworks, new ways of thinking, more curious, open and empathetic approaches to how we contextualise, interpret and answer those Big Issue questions and challenges that have now become the norm rather than the Black Swan exception.     

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Tune in on 13 August to hear The Future Laboratory’s co-founder Martin Raymond answer key questions about his new Masterclass series, and how clients are using foresight to drive innovation, increase value and create new market opportunities.

This event grants you access to:  

  • The hour-long Zoom session with expert insights from our co-founder Martin Raymond 
  • Q&A dedicated to your questions submitted before the event 
  • The on-demand recording to watch at your convenience 
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The Trends and Foresight Masterclass Series 2

The Trends and Foresight Masterclasses help you to explore trends, create accurate forecasts, develop your own scenarios, and sharpen your strategic foresight skills.

In this series, we focus on the dangers of short-term thinking, new foresight frameworks, the techniques and concepts of long-form forecasting, and how we can better understand risk by positively embracing it. 

Discover Series 2 of the Trends and Foresight Masterclass. 

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