The Trends and Foresight Masterclass Series 2

Strategic Foresight for Organisational Resilience and Change (Intermediate) 

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As uncertainty abounds and polycrises increase, a foresight mindset is essential for innovators and decision-makers keen to make a better business future happen. To do this, we need to become more strategic, nuanced, collaborative and diverse in our thinking.

In Series 1, we explained the basic techniques and frameworks favoured by strategic foresight professionals. Today, in this series, we take a more in-depth, exploratory and co-iterative look at forecasting as a core discipline for tackling the many mega-threats we face on a daily basis. 

Here, we focus on the world of innovation, entrepreneurship and organisational disruption where success is constantly hampered by short-term thinking and knee-jerk solutions. 

But to succeed and thrive in this new age of uncertainty, long-view foresight approaches are needed, and a sense of preparedness built on inclusivity, diversity and openness is demanded and required. 

To do this, we need to utilise what we learned in Series 1 – the how of forecasting – and combine this with the why of forecasting, in terms of answering those bigger existential questions we increasingly face as forecasters, innovators and decision-makers. 

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What will you learn?

The Trends and Foresight Masterclasses help you to explore trends, create accurate forecasts, develop your own scenarios, and sharpen your strategic foresight skills

The planet is dying and business disruption is rife, so we need to step up. Strategic forecasting, as we’ll learn, isn’t a marketing tool, it is a disaster avoidance discipline.  

Without preparedness, current polycrises will continue; and without vision – the key component of strategic forecasting, as you will discover – we’ll never learn how to make decisions that have positive intergenerational consequences. 

In this series, we focus on the dangers of short-term thinking, new foresight frameworks, the techniques and concepts of long-form forecasting, and how we can better understand risk by positively embracing it.  

We’ll also learn how to develop a preparedness mindset, re-interpret hindsight as a foresight technique, and explore how and why denial can be harnessed as a powerful and imaginative forecasting framework. 

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Who is it for?

Our approach is used to develop forecasts for brands including Spotify, Google, Microsoft, Chanel and UBS
Series 2 in our ongoing Trends and Masterclass Series is for MBAs, creatives, strategic foresight teams, C-suite members and futures students keen to build on what they learned in Series 1, or foresight professionals who want to delve deeper into alternative approaches to foresight and long-view thinking.  
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