Future-first Strategies for 2023
and Beyond

Free Webinar - 24 November

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Join us on 24 November as we discuss, in a world where uncertainty is the only certainty, why being aware of what’s driving change is imperative, and how strategic foresight and future-first strategies can give brands and businesses the confidence and humility to rapidly adapt to situations as they unfold

This free webinar will look at the inner workings of our Strategy department, which partners directly with global brands and businesses to turn our LS:N Global foresight into strategic decision-making tools that align clients’ current business objectives with these future scenarios.

Join The Future Laboratory's director of strategy and planning Rachele Simms and strategy director Louise French for this free online session, including a live Q&A, to learn how your brand or business can embrace future scenario-planning on the path towards desirable futures, plural, explore essential methodologies, and help you plan for success in 2023 and beyond.

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‘It may seem counter-intuitive, but long-termism and experimentation become increasingly important the less certain we are of the path ahead. Rather than fearing the unknown, we use foresight as a navigational tool. The more comfortable you feel with futures, the more confidence you have to act sooner.’

Louise French, strategy director, The Future Laboratory

The session will take place on 24 November from 2:00pm to 2:40pm GMT. 

Our strategists will look at the Future Laboratory’s foresight methodology and how they use this taxonomy before unpacking our latest macrotrend, The Paralysis Paradox, into strategic implications.

Register to attend our free 40-minute webinar, including a Q&A with our experts, to discover how future-first strategy could help your business succeed in 2023 and beyond.

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Rachele Simms
director of strategy and planning

Rachele plays a pivotal role in nurturing the Strategy team and developing the quality of our strategic thinking. With nearly 15 years of experience, she combines her creative background and strong commercial acumen to define and realise future strategies for brands such as Shiseido, lululemon, Jameson and The Chalhoub Group.

Louise French-4
Louise French
strategy director

With over 12 years’ experience in brand and innovation strategy, Louise works closely with clients such as Dell, Sony, Selfridges and Gulfstream to identify inspiring and revolutionary opportunities for change, and to develop practical strategic frameworks that provide the blueprints for putting the future first.