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The Transformative Twenties are already with us, as members of our trend intelligence platform, LS:N Global fully appreciate – a time of disruption, unprecedented change and unrivalled opportunity born out of challenge.

It is also a time when more strategic solutions are required today so that we can better plan and engage with tomorrow. The future, as our analysts like to say, isn’t accidental or haphazard, it is the future we think about, strategise for, participate in, and plan with innovators, early adopters and those consumers who are influencing change rather than following it.

And this is why we’ve again responded to our members’ community needs by reworking our content through a more action-orientated, implications-specific, strategy-friendly lens and adding lots of new membership benefits.

As The Future Laboratory’s co-founder and LS:N Global’s editor-in-chief Martin Raymond puts it, ‘we want to report tomorrow, analyse tomorrow, and offer solutions for tomorrow by cutting to the crux of every market shift - this is what strategic foresight is all about! The facts, the analysis, the opportunities, the solutions.’

To do this, we re-assessed our reporting structure, design style, expert interviews, and case study analysis to make our content deeper, richer, and more visually useful and strategic. Welcome to a more strategic and actionable network!

Download the PDF below to discover the new benefits, features and exclusive research available to members of LS:N Global.

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8 November 2021

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: The Future Laboratory



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