The Future of Perimenopause

A Foresight Report for Wild Nutrition

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Wild Nutrition commissioned The Future Laboratory to produce a new foresight report identifying the opportunities, shifting attitudes, tech advancements and healthcare developments in perimenopause care

It’s 2022, and a pivotal, unavoidable, universal women’s life stage is still widely misunderstood. In this new report, we look at the role of community connections and the importance of the inclusivity agenda. We ask uncomfortable questions and are rewarded with future-shaping answers from our experts.

What comes through loud and clear is an urgent call to action. We must cast off yesteryears’ outmoded societal labels and redefine, reframe and reclaim perimenopause.

Combining expert interviews with consumer insight, The Future Laboratory identified the emerging trends and attitudes that will transform the perimenopause market. This report, made in collaboration with Wild Nutrition, draws on insights from surveys, interviews and The Future Laboratory’s independent research – helping Wild Nutrition to communicate with its customers effectively.

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Commissioned by:

20 October 2022

Author: The Future Laboratory


: Perimenopause: Its Own Life Stage

Wild Nutrition

It’s 2022, and a pivotal, unavoidable, universal women’s life stage is still widely misunderstood. Emboldened by ageism, sexism and a healthcare system that is often clueless about a natural aspect of life, perimenopause – and its definition, symptoms and solutions – remains largely a mystery. Now is the time to shine a light on its future.

Perimenopause is defined as the time leading up to the menopause, when oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels in the body rise and fall sporadically while gradually declining. During this stage, the ovaries prepare to stop releasing eggs entirely, slowing down the reproductive system until one reaches the menopause – the diagnosis marking a year since one’s last period.

Lasting from a few months to 10 years, the onset of the perimenopause – much like puberty – marks a hormonal transition for the body, and one that can cause a range of symptoms. These can span the physical, the mental and the social, from erratic periods, hot flushes, sleep issues and headaches to mood swings, drops in libido, memory lapses and difficulty speaking.

‘2022 is the year of perimenopause.’ 

Dr. Shahzadi Harper

: A New Paradigm: Redefining the Perimenopause

Wild Nutrition

A decade of transformative empowerment is set to fundamentally shift how the perimenopause is experienced.

As health and wellness emerges as the most important life stage currency, women will embrace the chance to work alongside their bodies’ transitioning needs, redefining the perimenopause as a positive moment of change in the process. The innovations and initiatives building this new paradigm will evolve from three major changes to the social and cultural definition of the perimenopause.

We will now explore these changes in three distinct areas:

: Partners in Health - The relationship between self-care and healthcare is evolving. Attitudes are shifting from curative to preventative, setting the stage for women to embark on personalised health journeys alongside their bodies’ changing needs.

: Individual Diagnosis to Universal Life Stage - Attitudes must shift to reflect other life stages, where you celebrate an individual’s changing biology simply because that signals that they are evolving into someone new. 

: Self-rediscovery - Shifting perceptions are resisting this outmoded narrative – redefining and embracing the perimenopause as a moment of evolution and positive change where women can feel more attuned with their bodies than ever before.

Discover our Tech-powered Perimenopause microtrend – a look at how the femtech industry is expanding to cater for later women’s life stages, creating AI-driven solutions that will empower individuals with greater choice and transparency as they approach the perimenopause.


‘Perimenopause can be an empowering time when a woman can work with her body holistically.’
Henrietta Norton, founder, Wild Nutrition

: The Future of Perimenopause

Wild Nutrition

Within this paradigm, the perimenopause of the future will be empowered by three distinctive pillars, helping to reframe, uphold and realise a new dawn for this integral life stage. These pillars will dictate how individuals, brands and societies come together to define and build a positive future for women’s health and wellness.

In the report, we investigate the pillars in depth, exploring how they will develop and evolve over the next 10 years and beyond. These pillars are:

: Holistic Health - In the next decade new approaches to the perimenopause will be defined by self- directed and personalised lifestyle choices, with holistic health solutions encompassing how we eat, move, sleep, focus and relax during this life stage.

: Community Care - In future, the perimenopause will be a force for collective health that is interconnected with and supported by the communities around us.

: Tech-powerment - Throughout the next decade, a new wave of perimenopause-specific technological innovation will empower people to experience this life stage positively.

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‘In the future, the perimenopause will be a normal conversation that mothers will be having with their daughters and their sons.’
Laura Biggs, Women’s health advocate and co-founder, Let’s All Talk Menopause

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