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As we collectively renew and reinvent, LinkedIn commissioned The Future Laboratory to produce a new foresight report identifying the key trends that are influencing financial services marketing today that will shape our futures tomorrow

For marketing leaders the question is increasingly, ‘what next?’. With seats earned and won at the leadership table as the vanguards of change through the pandemic, the latest phase of the journey is ready to be chartered.

While we can’t predict the future, we can consider where the current prevailing trends may take us to inform our strategies and thinking. We partnered with LinkedIn to do just that in The Finfluence Report.

Through the report we hear from the individuals we termed Finfluencers - trends setters and spotters who are bringing new perspectives to our industry. Alongside these Finfluencers, we spoke with our financial services clients - marketing leaders around the world, whose job it is to think about the next, to understand the topics on their minds.

And we added to that the might of LinkedIn’s insight and data, to show us how the trends are emerging on our platform and ultimately to identify how we can help. Whether you are interested in how virtual reality will play out in the metaverse, how to create human connections in a digital world or how to find your brand identity in a post-purpose world, the report aims to combine insight with inspiration and action.

Click below to discover the resulting Finfluence Report, with key take-outs and statistics for this new era.


Commissioned by:

25 May 2022

Author: The Future Laboratory


: Executive Summary: The New Extra-Ordinary


The financial services (FinServ) industry sits on the precipice of significant transformation. Changing customer expectations, technological innovation, global disruption and new business models will propel a decade of change set to redefine the industry for good. For the marketers supporting banks, asset managers, payment companies and more, the opportunities are boundless as the realities of a newly emerging environment are realised.

As FinServ firms plan forward, looking to seize the post- pandemic opportunity, they now face more than a changing world of work. Now their challenge expands to include increasing geopolitical instability, rising inflation and climate change, alongside ongoing technological advance. For marketing leaders, being primed to tackle disruption while finding long-term advantage is key.

As the pandemic has shown, this disruption can drive positive transformation.

‘We’ve spent our time fretting about the new normal when we should be talking about the new extra-ordinary. The pandemic has precipitated scientific advancement, championed innovation and ushered in a new age of collaboration, challenge and accelerated change.””.’ 

Martin Raymond, co-founder, The Future Laboratory

: Meet the Finfluencers


To explore the future of FinServ marketing, we cast a list of global Finfluencers – leading voices from the worlds of FinServ, marketing and beyond – who are disrupting differently and making a better future happen.

From innovators, activists and change-makers to technologists, industry leaders and futurists, the Finfluencers featured in this report have helped us to uncover a series of transformative trends and opportunities for FinServ marketers to harness across the next decade.

Meet the experts featured in our Finfluence report and help put yourself one step ahead of key FinServ trends.

‘Whatever platform people use, the future of FinServ marketing is all about storytelling. Can you out-story your competitors and get into the hearts and minds of decision-makers?’
Tiffany Dufu, founder, The Cru

: Finfluence Trends Discovered


We’ve identified a number of drivers and trends that will propel change and innovation in the future of FinServ marketing for the decade ahead. Key trends include:

: Post-Purpose Brands - Future-facing FinServ firms are embracing imperfection, and taking realistic, honest and iterative approaches to communications.

: The Authenticity Equation - Lack of trust and the over-availability of information digitally are driving a desire for authenticity as people seek trusted human voices.

: The Great Reshuffle - People across the globe are rethinking how and why they work, and prioritising flexibility and fulfilment – with FinServ firms set to help facilitate this future.

: Reformation Generation - Gen Z are embarking on a new era of collaboration with brands as they seek to work together to re- assemble, rebuild and decentralise society, and expect to have a role in how entities like FinServ firms operate.

: Community Connections - FinServ firms are embracing a new era of community as they harness the potential of peer-to-peer networks, provide forums for socially connected customers and empower communities to help each other thrive.

: Betterverse Building - As the metaverse explodes in popularity, FinServ firms are entering a new era of limitless immersive engagement set to transform the future of marketing.

This is just a snippet of The Finfluence Report. Click below to download the full report PDF.

‘Crypto, NFTs and the like represent the future of financial services. It’s how younger consumers are learning financial literacy, and peer-to-peer networks and community are integral to it. As a result, FinServ firms need to ensure they facilitate their own sense of community or belonging as they transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.’
Enara Nazarova, leading voice on the metaverse and digital design, and Founder, digital platform ARMOAR

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