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At our recent webinar, we revealed the key insights from our new Meta-tainment Futures report. Watch a recap of the live webinar below to hear about the digital spaces, places, tools and metaverse techniques.
The metaverse is currently valued by Greyscale Investments as a trillion-dollar opportunity, despite its lack of virtual infrastructure. But as The Future Laboratory’s co-founder Martin Raymond outlined in our webinar, disruptor and established brands alike are already using VR, XR and AR solutions to drive sales, redefine products and create new play-to-earn brand opportunities.

Don’t let the buzzwords put you off. The webinar was a 40-minute journey showcasing how ordinary brands are doing extra-ordinary things in the metaverse and beyond.

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Get a copy of our new Meta-tainment Futures report which includes deep dives into case studies, sector microtrends and corresponding strategic opportunities, and a glossary to arm you with the understanding and terms to use when navigating the meta-tainment space.

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14 February 2022

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Dynamic Wang, China



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