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With the Covid-19 vaccine rollout offering a chance to rebuild our societies and economies, our new Inter-Covid Roadmap 2021 Report presents a host of new opportunities for brands and businesses. Download the report PDF for free here.

2021 is the year in which we begin to overhaul the systems and industries that were the foundations of society for decades. Talk of the new normal should be left behind. Instead, the focus for businesses needs to be on creating the new extra-ordinary.

In 18 months, we have come far from the novelties that came with the waves of global lockdowns. In stark contrast to what was initially dubbed a collective sense of solidarity, the disparities in government action and progress between countries have left the world at startlingly different stages of the pandemic response.

Truly disruptive behaviour, services and business actions have taken place across sectors. Wellbeing and social inequality have been thrust into mainstream consciousness, businesses have changed at a moment’s notice, consumers have adopted entirely new ways of living and working on a mass scale, and brands have reset antiquated missions to focus solely on solutions.

In our Inter-Covid research report, which we've now unlocked, we reveal some of the impacts and opportunities across key consumer sectors. We also share crucial next steps for brands, clients and operations as we collectively navigate the pandemic. 

We’re all facing new challenges and pressures as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. This is why we're unlocking the full research report – free for all to read here on our blog. We'll be exploring the following sectors:

: Travel & Hospitality
: Health, Wellness & Beauty
: Food & Drink
Media & Technology
: Luxury & Fashion

The report is now available to download for free below. Members of our trends intelligence platform, LS:N Global, get full access to all of our trend reports 3 months before anyone else. Click here to find out more.


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14 July 2021

Author: Holly Friend, Rachel Wilson and Gursharan Panesar

Image: Akvavit, KVANT-1


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