Future Forecast 2022

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Future Forecast 2022
In 2022, we welcome The Great Re-engagement, a time when humans will reconnect consciously, purposefully and rationally with the world around them. Our Future Forecast 2022 collection takes a look at 50 cross-sector trends and innovations set to accelerate the year ahead

The past year has ushered in The Great Acceleration, with the pandemic not only changing the world, but fast-tracking the ways in which we engage with it and the technologies we use to do so.

Now, however, as we look towards another 365 days in which to innovate, regenerate and inspire, businesses must conscientiously contain – and tame – the huge transformations shaping how we work, rest, play and shop.

Covid-19, alongside global meetings such as the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), will be remembered as pivotal moments, with the latter reminding us that we have little time left to spare unless we make fundamental and irreversible changes to our lifestyles in 2022.

Positively, across societies, people are tentatively re-engaging with truth and facts –goodbye Mr Trump and hello to science, technology, and new frontiers in innovation. This follows falling global trust in governments and media, giving businesses, brands and their leadership capacity to become highly trusted, transparent entities. At present, 61% of people globally trust businesses, viewing them as both more ethical and competent than governments, NGOs and the media (source: Edelman Trust Barometer 2021).

This optimism and re-embracement of truth, accountability and science bodes well for 2022, the year our analysts and researchers are referring to as The Great Re-engagement – a time when we are re-connecting more consciously, purposefully and rationally
with the world, people, organisations and experiences that surround us.

It is in this spirit that we present the Future Forecast 2022. In it you will discover 50 cross-sector trends and innovations, 10 industry disruptors, and the new directions to monitor for tomorrow.

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15 December 2021

Author: The Future Laboratory

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In 2022, the beauty sector will witness labelling innovations that ensure openness about ingredients, sustainability and clinical efficacy. Platforms connecting restaurants and chefs with food enthusiasts are digitising, democratising and diversifying expertise around dining and hospitality.

Among luxury brands’ campaigns, reliable and knowledgeable idols are replacing vacuous ambassadors, while youth-facing brands are enlisting cross- sector experts to guide a new generation of graduates as they take trepidatious steps into the world of work.

Indeed, 2022 is tipped to become the year of the expert. While global societies have adapted and repaired in the past year, now brands must be more vocal and visible than ever in their conversations and collaborations with consumers.

It is time to push back on post-truth politics, refute climate change deniers, and more strategically champion expert advice, specialist opinion and evidence- based claims and call-outs.

We hope that this report and webinar collection inspires you to continue to make a better future happen.


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