Future Forecast 2022

50 consumer trends that will define the coming year

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In 2022, we welcome The Great Re-engagement, a time when humans will reconnect consciously, purposefully and rationally with the world around them.

The past year has ushered in The Great Acceleration, with the pandemic not only changing the world, but fast-tracking the ways in which we engage with it and the technologies we use to do so. Now, however, as we look towards another 365 days in which to innovate, regenerate and inspire, businesses must conscientiously contain – and tame – the huge transformations shaping how we work, rest, play and shop.

In this year's Future Forecast 2022 collection, featuring a PDF trend report and access to an hour-long webinar, you’ll discover 50 cross-sector trends and innovations, 10 industry disruptors, and the directions to monitor according to The Future Laboratory’s analysts.

After 18 months of acceleration, the Future Forecast 2022 helps you to understand and maximise on the sector opportunities that lie ahead.

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What’s inside this report?

Our foresight researchers have produced five key trends for each of the 10 sectors. Here’s a snapshot of what you will discover in the report:

: Beauty

With attitudes, lifestyles and identities more fluid than ever, the beauty sector is taking a more flexible approach to making us look and feel better. In 2022, beauty will become more inclusive and playful, veering away from aspiration to embrace escapism and joy while championing radical transparency and convenience. 

: Health & Wellness

In the wake of the pandemic, the health sector is shifting towards Synchronised Care, focusing on living well for ourselves and others around us. Virtual health communities will continue to flourish in 2022, rewriting the public narrative around illness and empowering individuals to seek more personalised care.

: Food

As we re-engage with the world through the lens of Redemptive Diets, food brands are reminding us of the visceral and collective nature of food. Food and entertainment will further collide as chefs find ways to directly engage consumers, while grocers and restaurants create immersive experiences.

: Drink

As we move further into the 2020s, drinks brands are re-inventing themselves as zero-carbon champions rather than zero-sugar ones. The climate is coming into sharp focus for the beverage industry in 2022, with carbon-neutrality, ecological wineries and traditional fermentation techniques all on the agenda.

: Travel & Hospitality

With consumers increasingly wary of hospitality greenwashing and travel eco-rinsing and as Covid-19 restrictions continue, holidaymakers are turning vacations into longer stays, opting for regenerative remote working, hobby-based excursions and healthier escapes.

: Luxury

Within the fashion and lifestyle sectors, luxury's conscious evolution continues, as spirituality, sustainability and considerate marketing take root, while the home and hobbies become disruptor spaces.

: Fashion

For an industry that has joined the sustainability debate relatively late, fashion’s eco-reckoning is gaining pace. While disruptive digital players drive drastic change in the fashion sector, the environment will continue to be paramount in the industry’s future at large.

: Retail

In 2022, as e-commerce continues to accelerate, consumer expectations will force the retail sector to address its impact along the value chain. Retailers are rewriting the industry playbook with engaging digital storefronts in the metaverse, stores for children instead of adults and interiors imbued with tranquillity.

: Media, Technology & Fintech

In the age of the Alternet, niche media platforms will gain prominence in 2022. New frontiers are emerging in the media world, from digital workplaces that resemble video games to image-free social platforms and elite crypto-communities.

: Youth

Craving autonomy, Generation Z are demanding more from social media monoliths, co-opting existing platforms to suit their needs, and refusing to engage with relentless algorithms.

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In our new Future Forecast webinar, we explore how businesses can navigate the turmoil and discover unexpected areas of growth. Tune in today to hear The Future Laboratory's co-founder and editor-in-chief Martin Raymond break down the 50 cross-sector consumer trends and innovations that will define the next 12 months.

The hour-long webinar is also available on demand, so you can tune in whenever your schedule permits.


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