Foresight Programmes

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Our Foresight Programmes offer a systemic way to develop an inspiring and practical future view of a domain or category, and a methodology to explore its potential implications.

Using our trends intelligence platform and our futures expertise, we collaborate with you to build a picture of the future around a hierarchy of key global drivers, macrotrends, micro-signals and category themes through a multi-method approach, which includes: 

  1. Identifying new ideas shaping global culture – we draw on our network of experts and cultural navigators in key markets to ensure a global and debiased perspective in our horizon-scanning, highlighting market relevance and key nuances in the regions you care about.

  2. With the goal to build a practical and visually engaging framework – we translate all foresight research into a strategic framework, with clear implications and opportunities to be used across key teams and regions.

  3. Blending our intuition with analytics to create a data-driven, shared vision of your future – we always bring it back to your business, with key actions related to your products, services, in-store concepts and experiences.

This is a dynamic strategic tool. Clients use it to sharpen the business decisions already being made today. They also use it to validate and de-risk innovation plans with the evidence to continue to invest in niche opportunities.

Inevitably, they will feel more comfortable thinking about the future and therefore more confident to act sooner – the mindset needed for change.

Are you ready to explore the new ideas shaping culture and categories around the world  and embed more informed decision-making into your business?


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27 May 2022

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: The Future Laboratory



Strategic Services

Our strategic foresight clinics enable our clients to pinpoint priority areas and co-create the approaches that will deliver resilience, unlock key growth opportunities and inform progress, in a world of continuous uncertainty.

Build your framework today – fill in the form to book your 30-minute clinic with our strategy directors and let us help define your future. We have very limited space available.


Discover our full Methodology here.