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Back to the F**kture: PCH Innovations


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12 October 2020

Author: Martin Raymond and PCH Innovations



In the second episode of our Zoomcast and podcast, The Future Laboratory’s co-founder Martin Raymond talks to Stefan Liske and Adrien Hobt from the PCH Innovations studio about Changing Matter, their recently launched transformation catalogue

As its title suggests, the catalogue is a journey through the tools, techniques, and transformation age technologies needed to solve those BIG issue problems we currently face on a local, national and planetary level.

Changing Matter was inspired by the original Whole Earth Catalog published from 1968 onwards by counterculturist and eco-visionary Stewart Brand, which catalogued and sold a plethora of eco-friendly technologies and innovations that heralded the birth of the global environmental movement. As Liske and Hobt tell us, Changing Matter ‘mixes perspectives, disciplines, and historical context to envision humanity and human-Earth-systems, like economy, healthcare, and education, renewed to honour the natural interconnections and impermanence intrinsic to our universe.’

All of which is fantastic, as Raymond says in his podcast. However, it also contains many challenging and controversial tools – telepathy, sacred geometry, remote reading, thought transference – that sit outside the realms of science and within the more problematic world of the psychic arts. This lies beyond the remit of most innovators or futurists. And for Raymond, the arch atheist, most of it is hard to take – as is evident from his tone and voice.

Considering the lessons Liske and Hobt learned from calling the occasional incorrect forecast over the years, Raymond also discovers how these invisible worlds that sit around us can be harnessed to improve our understanding of what tomorrow could be if we dreamed it differently.

So, by the end of the podcast, perhaps his scepticism isn’t as intact as he believed it would be. And, as he finds out, whatever your views, Changing Matter as a catalogue and PCH Innovations as a studio really are challenging the status quo. Discover the Changing Matter website here.

Gather up your current toolkit, then, and get ready to take a trip to the wilder shores of transforming tomorrow … !

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