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This week: Palm Heights hotel reveals beachwear collection, Lambeth calls on men to stop street harassment, remembering Breonna Taylor, pushing the boundaries of bodycare and Soho House launches new skincare line.

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18 March 2022

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Away to Mars. Photography by Gleeson Paulino


Palm Heights Grand Cayman

1. Palm Heights hotel unveils a covetable beachwear collection

Caribbean and Marrakesh – The hotel is partnering with Marrakesh-based fashion label Marrakshi Life to create a keepsake line of traditionally crafted beachwear. For the collection, Marrakshi Life draws inspiration from Palm Heights hotel and local flora, with pieces ranging from striped beach towels and bright yellow beach umbrellas to hats and loose garments.

This collaboration extends the hotel’s status as a cultural hub working across the design, art, music and food sectors. In this way, the partnership also reflects the creative and craft-driven values of both companies. ‘I have long been a fan of Marrakshi Life, who have a particularly refined interpretation of craftsmanship and comfort,’ says Gabriella Khalil, founder and creative director of Palm Heights. ‘There is an easy glamour to all of their pieces, which perfectly aligns with the spirit of Palm Heights.’

Here, this keepsake collection shows an evolution of Voyage Apparel, with hoteliers now recognising that fashion collaborations can create powerful and long-term touchpoints for their guests.

Look Out for Lambeth by Among Equals for Lambeth Council, UK

2. Lambeth calls on men to stop street harassment

London – In a bid to shift the cultural factors that allow street harassment and assault to persist, Lambeth Borough Council has harnessed its local community. The campaign, Look Out for Lambeth, asks men to second-guess their attitudes towards women – as well as challenge each other on their behaviours.

Designed by creative agency Among Equals, the campaign features a diverse range of locals shot by youth development programme Young Creators UK. By drawing attention to the issue in this way, the campaign messaging and images provoke action at a peer-to-peer level, aiming to create behavioural change within its community of men. ‘Through this campaign we want to drive up reporting of on-street harassment, and other gender-related crimes, to reveal the true scale of these often-underreported incidents’ says councillor Jacqui Dyer, deputy leader and cabinet member for Lambeth.

These types of Civic Ads can help to usher in an era of New Masculinity that puts the onus for changing attitudes on men instead of women.

Breonna's Garden by Lady Pheonix and the family of Breonna Taylor, US

3. A virtual world remembering Breonna Taylor

US – Visitors to this year’s SXSW are invited to experience a transformative VR experience honouring the life of Breonna Taylor, a young woman killed by police in 2020. Built in collaboration with her family, Breonna’s Garden is a piece that harnesses the power of technology to foster a space for collective grief and healing.

Artist Lady Pheønix initially developed the project in 2021 for Breonna’s family after learning that her sister Ju’Niyah Palmer’s public grief was met with death threats. Originally intended as a safe space for the family to grieve without facing a hateful backlash, Lady Pheønix has expanded the project for public communal healing.

The SXSW iteration includes a fully immersive VR experience of Breonna’s family home where visitors will see her portrait, hear stories about her life and can read supportive letters. It aims to achieve justice for Breonna through collective healing. ‘Now, more than ever, authentic vulnerability feels paramount to collective reconciliation,' reads a press statement about the project.

Breonna’s Garden signifies the confluence of developments we explored in Virtual Sanctuaries and the Digital Afterlife Market, demonstrating how storytelling, data, AR and VR will reshape the way we mourn and understand death.

4. Krave pushes the boundaries of bodycare

South Korea – Beauty brand Krave is bringing its signature skincare approach to the world of bodycare. Its latest product, Great Body Relief, is designed to protect the skin barrier, the outermost layer of the epidermis that is vulnerable to irritants, bacteria and pollutants.

The reparative body lotion marks the company’s first product launch after two years, following the brand’s international breakthrough with its hero product, the Great Barrier Relief face serum. After raising awareness about the importance of maintaining a healthy skin barrier, the brand is now applying the same care and protection to the body, a lesser served area. The Great Body Relief prevents breakage in the skin barrier, which can lead to breakouts, irritation, and redness. It also nourishes the skin deeply without leaving any greasy residue.

As the Skintellectual movement gains traction, consumers are waking up to the importance of protecting the body’s skin. No longer an afterthought, Krave is Rethinking Bodycare, taking a more body-centric approach to skincare.

Krave Beauty, US
Soho Skin, UK

5. Soho House taps into its members to develop beauty products

London – Building on its spas and Cowshed products, global hospitality and lifestyle brand Soho House has created a skincare line that harnesses its most valuable resource – its members.

The new range, Soho Skin, was developed by professionals who were guided by the advice, suggestions and needs of Soho House members. The debut collection consists of 11 products, all of which are created locally in the UK and calibrated to the tastes and preferences of its end users. The 24/7 Treatment, for example, combines fermented ingredients and magnesium to brighten and revitalise skin that has been exposed to hectic, travel-heavy lifestyles.

By crowdsourcing opinions for product development, the hospitality company can ensure it is catering for its members’ preferences and evolving habits. The company is also realising that its greatest value comes from the creatives and experts who make up its network, pushing the idea of Feedback Frontiers into new territories.



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