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This week: A metaverse clubhouse, Rave Review’s cryptopanties, an IWD campaign confronts self-care capitalism, Burberry’s collaborative zine and Planned Parenthood launch an audio series.

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11 March 2022

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: MO Magazine, US


some·place by Lana Hopkins, Sydney & Los Angeles

1. A metaverse clubhouse for NFT owners

Global – Seeking to carve a community-centric niche in the Web3 space, metaverse platform some.place offers a serene online meeting space for those who hold non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The platform will feature a marketplace, gallery room and other public areas where users can display their NFTs and interact with one another. To gain entry, hopeful members must purchase its proprietary NFT – a sleek 3D potion bottle that it calls Genesis.

Founded by women entrepreneurs, some.place aims to offer a more equally gendered virtual experience for NFT communities. Looking ahead, the platform plans to have regular marketplace drops with brands, artists and celebrity collaborations. By taking this approach, some.place recognises the importance of growing a digital community before launching an array of digital assets, rather than the other way around.

Through its considered and curated approach to NFT trading and women-first community-building, some.place sets an example to other online networks hoping to launch in the post-social era.

CryptoPanties by Rave Review and RedDao, Stockholm

2. Rave Review paves the way for women on the blockchain

Sweden – Fashion brand Rave Review is tackling the male-dominated non-fungible token (NFT) space with the launch of its Cryptopanties project.

Comprised of 3,333 NFTs of digital underwear, the project is a direct comment on the crypto community’s dearth of female members. It is also an attempt to bring the upcycling aesthetic into the metaverse, a sustainable technique which the brand is known for. The NFTs have been digitally rendered in the brand’s signature recycled fabrics and textiles.

Holders of the NFT will also be rewarded with exclusive benefits, like invite-only events, access to the Rave Review team through social channels, and discounted prices of the brand’s real clothing. As such, the NFT will serve as a token of membership rather than just a static asset.

Completed in collaboration with digital fashion house Red DAO, this project shows how female collectives are helping virtual environments become more equitable, paving a way for Women’s Futures in the metaverse.

Find the More in Less by Merrell, US

3. This IWD campaign confronts self-care capitalism

US – Responding to the abundance of unnecessary wellness products targeted at women, performance footwear brand Merrell’s latest campaign suggests a simple alternative for self-care: stepping outside.

Launched for International Women’s Day, the series of ads challenges the wellness industry’s focus on buying products as the solution to improved wellbeing. It points to how women are plied with unrealistic and expensive items geared towards a never-ending quest for self-improvement.

Instead, the brand – which creates footwear for outdoor activities such as hiking –advocates for spending time in nature as an easier and more accessible route to self-acceptance. In soothing tones, the video communicates thoughtfulness and trustworthiness, demonstrating Merrell’s commitment to women’s wellbeing, without necessarily being a wellness brand.

The campaign’s message exemplifies the narrative of our Synchronised Care macrotrend, pointing to the interconnectedness of our health with all aspects of lifestyle and the natural world.

4. Burberry’s collaborative zine inspires children’s futures

UK – Part of an ongoing series of civic projects between activist footballer Marcus Rashford and British luxury brand Burberry, Dreamscapes is a zine produced by children at a North London primary school.

Designed to help disadvantaged children develop their literacy skills, the zine is the result of a wider collaboration with The Face magazine, showcasing the work and future aspirations of children – from becoming a rock band drummer to a sweet shop worker and a doctor. Dreamscapes emerged from a series of creative workshops and will be printed in a limited-edition run of 1,000 copies, distributed in local and regional community spaces.

By uniting both brands and individuals, this project shows how various organisations can channel their expertise to elevate ambitions among Generation Alpha. Further, by partnering with a school, the project recognises the importance of tackling inequalities and inspiring ambition. For more on how luxury marketing is evolving to become more considerate, read Anti-ostentation Attitudes.

Dreamscapes created in collaboration with Burberry, The Face, Holmleigh Primary School, Tegan Williams and Marcus Rashford, UK
Black on Depop by Black In Fashion Council x Depop

5. Planned Parenthood releases playlists for self-care

New York – Tone is an audio series created by Black, Latinx, and non-binary wellness experts with the mission of delivering affirmations and mental health resources to those in these communities.

Launched by non-profit Planned Parenthood in partnership with Refinery29, the series addresses how social and political issues have an outsized impact on members of underserved communities. The playlists, which are available on major podcast platforms, tackle racism, class, and gender issues via music, elevating marginalised talent and voices to provide a space for communal healing.

‘We know that stress hits differently for Black and Latino communities, especially in the past couple of years amid hardships like the Covid pandemic and relentless attacks on our bodies and our rights,’ explains Alexis McGill Johnson, president of Planned Parenthood.

By using the medium of sound to create meaningful dialogues about social challenges, the series is showcasing how Connective Audio continues to surge.



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