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This week: Post-Covid festivals of expression, eco-friendly toothbrushes, a luxury and wellness wearable collaboration with Gucci, luxury real estate in Miami and reimagining the interior design of nightclubs. 

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10 June 2022

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Tripping by Diesel Living, Italy


Tripping by Diesel Living, Italy

1. Diesel dives into interiors with branded Miami residences

Italy – During the pandemic, the home became an extended comfort zone for many people, with the objects within it becoming sources of joy and wellbeing. In recognition of how this will shape the future home, Italian brand Diesel has unveiled a new venture, DIESEL LIVING, at Salone Del Mobile Milano 2022.

This new business arm sees the brand partner with real estate group Bel-Invest and Italian furniture, lighting, kitchen and bathroom designers to create branded Diesel residences – the first of which is being developed in Miami, a location known for luxury real estate.

Diesel will join a selection of brands migrating outside their primary sectors in an effort to infiltrate other aspects of our lives, including home and living. It hopes the project will remind people to ‘make the most out of being inside, a place where everything that surrounds you offers up hypnotic surfaces for your inner voyage’, suggesting the importance of living spaces for positive mental health and self-reflection. To read more on branded residencies, discover our Brandlords microtrend.

Cleaf Club in collaboration with Campos Costa Arquitetos, Italy

2. Cleaf remixes materials for future nightclubs

Italy – Interior specialist Cleaf has collaborated with Portuguese architects Campos Costa Arquitetos on Cleaf Club a project intended to emphasise the importance of nightclubs as epicentres of youth and contemporary culture.

Cleaf has redesigned the features and spaces of classic nightclub interiors – such as the dancefloor, bar, lounge and bathrooms – with new materials and finishes from its interiors range. The result is a stripped-back, aesthetics-first interior. The bar, for example, will be made with wood-effect materials that subvert tradition, while the lounge will feature fabrics that amplify the feeling of relaxation. The spaces can be viewed at Cleaf’s stand-installation at Salone Del Mobile Milano or the company’s corporate showroom in Lissone, which has been transformed into an entire club experience.

Here, Cleaf is considering the visually-driven minds of young people by placing emphasis on the aesthetic cues in destinations such as nightclubs spaces that have previously obtained little design innovation. We further explore how brands and businesses are re-imagining the nightlife industry in our dedicated Market.

Gucci and Oura, Finland

3. Gucci elevates wellness wearables with Oura

Italy & Finland ­– A new collaboration between health technology company Oura and luxury label Gucci signifies the growing crossover between the luxury and wellbeing sectors.

Oura, which is known for its wellness rings that track heart rate, sleep patterns and can even predict people’s periods, describes the ring as ‘exquisitely crafted with Gucci’s legendary style.’ The partnership represents the premiumisation of the Oura Generation 3 wearable, with a price tag of £820 ($1,024, €955) for the Gucci x Oura Ring special edition design.

Featuring the Italian fashion house’s interlocking G monogram and a delicate, braided trim in 18ct gold, the design is said to bring fashion and function even closer together. A supporting campaign with the tagline ‘a journey of self-discovery,’ features a young woman busy with daily activities, including a workout and a night out, all the while able to track and analyse insights from her day.

This collaboration demonstrates how luxury and jewellery companies can begin to think differently about wearable technology not as a foreign category but one that, through unexpected collaboration, can deliver a new product category for an ever-more health conscious customer.

4. A youth festival for post-Covid connections

UK – Tour De Moon is a festival aimed at 18-to-25-year-olds, providing spaces of expression and exchange for one of the age groups hardest hit by the pandemic.

The event, which will take place this summer in regional cities across the UK, is themed around the lunar cycle. It will take over abandoned spaces to inspire young people to consider life beyond Earth, while also making connections and conversations with strangers. Kicking off in Leicester, the festival will travel to 10 places over the course of two months, offering talks, cinema, sports, and music all linked to a cosmic theme.

Creating a space for British youth – especially those outside the capital city of London – the festival demonstrates how nightlife can be a space for radical healing. ‘One of our main aims of the festival is to distribute essential funding and provide a high-profile platform to a sector and demographic which have been hit especially hard by the impacts of Covid and funding cuts over the last few years,’ explains Dr Nelly Ben Hayoun, founder of Tour De Moon.

Tour de Moon, UK

5. Electric toothbrushes get an eco-update

London – While sustainable manual toothbrushes are growing more popular, eco-friendly electric options are trailing behind. To tackle this problem, wellness company SURI is releasing an electric toothbrush that aims to make dental hygiene more environmentally friendly.

In compliance with the right to repair movement, the Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush has a plant-based head and a recyclable aluminium handle that can be easily disassembled and recycled or fixed for free by SURI. The company also offers a lifetime guarantee and a subscription plan that includes brush head replacements every one to three months. In addition to its environmental qualities, the toothbrush has 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute, ensuring a thoroughly deep clean.

Aiming to prevent electric toothbrushes from ever reaching the landfill, SURI is building a more reciprocal relationship with its consumers. As consumers become aware of the carbon footprint of household appliances, their turning their focus to the dental industry.



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