Creative Strategy
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We help design and creative teams to align cultural shifts with tangible design solutions.

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Our strategic creative and design services harness cultural change to help brands and businesses rise above fast-moving aesthetic trends, identify opportunities to disrupt and differentiate, and drive meaningful design that connects at a deeper level.

Our creative and strategic teams work together to take a why, not just a what, approach to design, translating macro-cultural trends into strategic directions to inspire and guide design teams and partners to deliver human-centred design and creative activations that stand the test of time. These can include:

  1. Creative Strategic Principles – Using cultural foresight to identify the context for change and collaboration to define a long-term creative vision, and translating this into principles and strategic creative directions that act as a springboard for design teams and partners.

  2. Design Directions – Assessing the forces influencing the future to develop a set of opportunities for future-fit design and colour, material, finish approaches. These are often brought to life through a series of visual cartograms and strategic toolkits.

  3. Creative and Design Toolkits – Developing future-focused creative toolkits for business units, and translating design directions into strategic actions for different internal departments.

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