Foresight Sprint New Codes: Luxury States 2025

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How is Your Brand Adapting to the New Luxury Codes?

Whether you’re a business leader looking to validate your strategic initiatives, or a team leader looking for help to course-correct and reprioritise, our Luxury Sprint is a half-day working session designed to help key decision-makers answer questions such as: 

  • Are we currently on the right track with the way we engage and communicate with our customers? (Mar Comms) 

  • What should we focus on for the coming 1, 3, 5 years? (Strategic Planning) 

  • Are the team aligned in their long-term thinking about how the luxury sector is evolving? (Innovation & Investment) 

  • Overall, what might we need to know or do in order to maximise efforts? 

To achieve this, we understand that businesses don’t always need more research, they often need help focusing on the most valuable insights so that they can prioritise the right strategic initiatives and most importantly, take action. 

Our new Luxury Foresight Sprint does just that and you can learn more about the service below. 

Image credits: AI Imagery by The Future Laboratory

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The advantages and takeaways from participating in the Luxury Foresight Sprint

These half-day sessions offer a foundation for connecting with different mindsets and often younger, more lifestyle-orientated audiences without losing your core customer. You can expect direction to help achieve the following:
: Prioritisation and growth
Prioritization and Growth

: Align strategic vision and goals  

: Set clear objectives  

: Adapt systems and processes  

: Expand into new markets  

: Enhance product offerings 


: Validation and course-correction
Validation & course correction

: Assess existing workflows  

: Adjust GTM strategies  

: Evaluate innovation pipelines  

: Tailor marketing focus  

: Limit unnecessary burn 


: Market leadership
Market Leadership

: Lead from the front  

: Confidence in new world order  

: Address new/future consumers  

: Competitive advantage  

: Future-first decision-making 


: Resilience

: Peace of mind 

: On the right track 

: Team aligned and engaged  

: Anticipate change 

: Mitigate risks




How do we deliver the sprint?

Delivered as a two-part, fast-track session:

Part 1: New Codes of Luxury Presentation [90 mins] 

  • External factors driving change in luxury 
  • Shared and nuanced values and mindset of the luxury audience 
  • Creative cues and influences in luxury 

Part 2: Half-day Sprint Session 

  • Facilitator-led working session 
  • Turning insights into opportunity areas for your business 


About the New Codes of Luxury 2025

The New Codes of Luxury 2025 is the latest foresight research into the evolving luxury landscape by The Future Laboratory.

Rooted in our market-leading methodology, this research charts the unchanging, constant qualities that underpin the luxury sector, tracking the emotional and psychological states of consumers and the external factors driving change.  

As we know, however, luxury is not a one-size-fits-all term. This proprietary tool provides insight into a spectrum of luxury consumer motivations and desires, enabling organisations to better understand the different mindsets and changing expectations of their audiences. 

Using this intelligence as the foundation of the workshop, the New Codes of Luxury will help you to successfully navigate the shifting luxury landscape today – in readiness for tomorrow. 


Ready to find out what comes next?

Book our two-part Luxury Foresight Sprint and ensure your business is focusing on the most valuable insights and prioritising the right strategic initiatives. It's time to take action...


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