Foresight Sprint New Codes: Residential Retail 2025

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New Codes of Living: Residential Retail 2025 Sprint – how can your brand benefit?

Whether you’re a business leader looking to validate your strategic initiatives or a team leader seeking help to course-correct and reprioritise, the New Codes of Living: Residential Retail 2025 Sprint will help. It’s decided to provide key decision-makers investigate questions such as:  

: Are we currently on the right track with the way we engage and communicate with our customers at their Home-Quarters? (Mar Comms) 

: Can we further exploit the new opportunities found in the boundaryless home as Residential Retail becomes a powerful new category? (Strategic Planning) 

: Do we speak to our Chief Home Officers in ways that demonstrate our keenness to be collaborative, caring and conscious? Do we have cost-of-living crisis experts who manage budgets, reduce costs and uplift General Household Wellbeing levels? (Innovation & Investment)  

: As homes become Domestic Data Centres, are we actively helping households to securely manage and utilise data in ways that drive value, wellness and financial benefits when the data is accessed by permitted parties? (Opportunity and Productisation) 

We understand that brands, businesses and organisations don’t always need more research, but often want help to focus on the most valuable insights so they can prioritise the right strategic initiatives and take action.  

New Codes of Living: Residential Retail 2025 Sprint does just that and you can learn more about the service below.  


The advantages and takeaways from participating in our New Codes of Living: Residential Retail 2025

These half-day sessions offer a foundation for connecting with different mindsets, and with often younger, more lifestyle-oriented households, without losing your core customer. You can expect direction to help achieve the following: 

: Prioritisation and growth
Prioritization and Growth

: Align strategic vision and goals   

: Set clear objectives for Residential Retail targeting 

: Adapt systems and processes  for the Hybrid Home 

: Understand Home-Quarters needs 

: Enhance Home-Quarters product offers

: Validation and Course-correction
Validation & course correction

: Assess existing household targeting 

: Adjust to the new language of the Active home 

: Evaluate household innovation pipelines   

: Rebuild you household marketing focus   

: Develop a new Home-comms strategy

: Home Market Leadership
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: Define your Chief Household Officer messaging 

: Develop new at-home engagement strategies

: Understand new household behaviours 

: Explore new home communities and family types 

: Engage with new Homebeing rituals

: Brand Resilience and Agility

: Identify new brand opportunities

: Reboot existing brand offers

: Redefine your current Home-Quarters offer 

: Hone your MarComms messages  

: Become a Residential Retail Leader


How do we deliver the sprint?

The Sprint is provided in two sections, covering a range of subjects. 

Part 1:  New Codes of Living : Residential Retail 2025 [90 mins]  

: External factors driving change in the new Hybrid Home 

: Shared and nuanced values and mindsets of Residential Retail households 

: Creative cues and influences that define the Residential Retail individual

Part 2: Half-day Session  

: Facilitator-led working session  

: Turning household insights into opportunity areas for your business 

: Turning insights into opportunity areas for your work practices and organisational agility 

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About New Codes of Living: Residential Retail 2025

New Codes of Living : Residential Retail 2025 is the latest foresight research into the evolving nature of the home. It follows on from our Work States: The New Codes of Work 2025, and many organisations have booked them as companion sessions because of how they impact one another. 

Rooted in our market-leading methodology, this research charts the constant qualities that underpin the home, tracking the emotional and psychological states of householders and the external factors driving change.   

Home isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept. Our proprietary tool provides insight into a spectrum of dwellings and household types, as well as into the motivations and desires that drive and influence them. This will enable brands, businesses and organisations to better understand the different mindsets and changing expectations of their target customers.

Using this intelligence as the foundation of the sprint, the New Codes of Living: Residential Retail 2025 will help you to successfully navigate today’s shifting household and home landscape – in readiness for tomorrow. 


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