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Global Drivers: The new forces reshaping tomorrow’s business landscape

Is your brand profiting from understanding the key forces of change defining the future?

Whether you’re a business leader looking to validate your strategic initiatives, or a team leader who is keen to course-correct for the coming year, understanding the key social, cultural, technological, environmental and societal drivers will be crucial to your survival and future business wellbeing.

: They will help you to contextualise decision-making by considering why and how the world is being reshaped. 

: They will enable you and your team to rethink what kind of world consumers will live in and therefore what will drive the businesses of tomorrow.

: They will unpack the factual, objective and long-term structural forces that are pervasive, powerful and transformative in ways that few of us realise or pro-actively embrace

: They will show you how these forces drive, guide and push our business plans in sometimes unpredictable directions, unless you are fully aware of the role they play in consumer thinking and in pipeline development. 

: They will allow you to manage change, kick-start innovation and reboot existing product and service pipelines.

To embrace the above, we understand that brands, businesses and organisations don’t always need more research, but they often need help focusing on the most valuable insights so that they can prioritise and take action.  

Our new Global Drivers 2030 Sprint will help you to do just that, and you can learn more about the service below. 

GD 01 Accelorating Technology-2

Advantages and takeaways from participating in our Global Drivers 2030 Sprint

These half-day sessions offer you a foundation for understanding the key forces of change that influence all aspects of business. Whether social, technological, economic, environmental or technological, their impact is profound and far-reaching. They will change consumer sentiment and alter how, why and where they engage with your brands, products and services. 

We can harness these changes – effectively and strategically – regardless of the sector you work in or the customers you target. 

: Prioritisation and growth
GD 02 Climate Change & Resource Scarcity-1

: Use them to align your strategic vision

: Set clear objectives and targeted goals 

: Adapt better systems and clearer processes

: Innovate your product offer

: Better communicate and market your brand 

: Customer Understanding and Targeting
GD 05 Fragmenting Society-1

: Use them to decode changing customer behaviours 

: Better understand people’s future needs

: Evaluate consumers’ shifting service requirements

: Develop new engagement strategies 

: Elevate and transform your client experience offer

: Comms and Marketing
GD 04 Micro-Globalisation-1

: Use them to sharpen and hone your tone of voice 

: Develop new comms and marketing formats 

: Understand and utilise relevant platforms

: Explore new ways to speak to customers

: Contextualise and enliven your core Mar Comm messages

: Brand Resilience and Agility
GD 06 Urbanising World-2

: Identify new brand opportunities

: Reboot existing brand offers

: Reshape your future trajectory

: Begin to define your future strategy


How do we deliver the sprint?

The Sprint is provided in two sections, covering a range of subjects. 

The Sprint is provided in two sections, covering a range of subjects. 

Part 1: Global Drivers: The new forces reshaping tomorrow’s business landscape [90 mins]  

: Our full methodology, which explains how we identify the forces

: Our six global drivers – accelerating technologies, climate crisis and resource, evolving demographics, fragmenting societies, micro-globalisation and urbanising world – are unpacked, with key cross-sector case studies and The Future Laboratory/Future Poll data.

Part 2: Half-day Sprint  

: Facilitator-led working session  

: Turning drivers insights into opportunity areas for your business 

GD 03 Evolving Demographics-2

About Global Drivers: The new forces reshaping tomorrow’s business landscape

Global Drivers: The new forces reshaping tomorrow’s business landscape is our latest foresight research Sprint into the six key global drivers that continue to impact your brand, business or organisation and the consumers and clients who engage with them.

In this half-day Sprint, we unpack these global drivers, and reveal the microtrends and macrotrends that they shape. Our research is informed by renowned academics, scientists, authors and members of our Futures 1000 panel of experts and thinkers from around the world. We will also share examples of forward-looking case studies, which will provide you with industry-relevant and actionable ideas.

You will have plenty of time to workshop your thinking and to engage with our strategists to better understand how you can use these global drivers effectively and with confidence. 

As we’ll explain, the global drivers aren’t just forces emerging at different paces, in different sectors: they are interdependent and universal. Many brands underestimate their power, although their impact is profound, long-lasting and game-changing. 

Don’t leave your success to chance. Book a workshop and understand our Global Drivers: The new forces reshaping tomorrow’s business landscape. Harness tomorrow successfully, rather than letting it harm your brand. 


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