Gen Z: Now and Next 2024–2025

From Vision to Contradiction

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Gen Z are stepping into adulthood carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Without the tools or role models to help them enact the change they want to see, they find themselves paralysed by paradox.

Our Generations: Now and Next 2024–2025 report takes an in-depth look at key generational demographics – Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z and Alphas – and their evolving attitudes to technology, work, finance, education, sustainability, and health and wellness over the next 3–5 years.

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What's inside the report

Dive into the topics defining Gen Z (born between 1997 and 2012), the key consumer behaviours brands need to know about and speculative future scenarios to 2030. 

: Drivers

What influences are shaping the future for Gen Z? We explore the weight of their Infobesity, their Delayed Adulthood and how these digital natives are not immune to Toxic Technologies and E-solation.

: Insight

Here we explore the challenges and aspirations defining Gen Z.

Success & Achievement: Financial Fretters, Polarising Professionals and Disillusioned Students

Technology: Tech Captives and The New New News

Health & Wellness: Anguished Adolescence and Teetotal Trailblazers

Community & Identity: Generation Isolation 

Sustainability: Contradictory Consumers

: Foresight

Here, we expand on speculative future scenarios to 2030. For Gen Z, we prepare you to Welcome the Z-Suite, understand their take on Positive Parenting, their need for Eco-ducation and their role as Social Scavengers.

: Strategic Implications and Thought-starters

Actions and future considerations for brands and businesses. 

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‘Over a quarter (27%) of Gen Z in the US report having gone to therapy in their teenage years, compared to 20% of Millennials, 10% of Generation X and 4% of Boomers’

Source: Survey Center on American Life

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Born 1946–1964, Boomers are generally goal-orientated, self-assured and resourceful, having thrived off post-war prosperity and still intent on shaping the world their way.

Photography by Anna Shvets

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Gen X

Born 1965–1980, Gen X-ers are the smallest cohort yet inherently adaptable, the ‘bridgers’ realising their digital dreams out of an analogue upbringing.

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Born 1981–1996, Millennials are a cohort that is both civic-minded and dedicated to self-improvement.

Selfridges, UK

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Gen Z

Born 1997–2012, Gen Z are digital natives, socially minded and a rebellious force to be reckoned with.

Lapse, UK

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Gen Alpha

Born 2013–2025 and wise beyond their years, this generation will be defined by their productivity and dedication to change.

Kidfluencer Starterkit by Doortje Smithuijsen and Joep van Osch

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