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Discover what’s new and what’s next for Generation Z with a sample from our Media & Youth Futures report

Our report details nascent trends in the sector and an exploration of the recent shifts in the youth market as Generation Z question current systems, reform the career ladder and eschew mainstream media.

This is the latest Generation Z trend report published on LS:N Global, a subscription-based trends intelligence service by The Future Laboratory.

The Future Laboratory offers a unique blend of trend forecasting, consumer insight, foresight, brand strategy and innovation, we inspire and future-proof organisations. Book a meeting with the team to find out more.

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Our Generation Z Research

LS:N Global provides original Generation Z research, trends, analysis, market intelligence and qualitative insights to help industry professionals make informed decisions about the future.

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Nootropics for Gen Z

Exploring a breadth of natural brain-boosting ingredients, a raft of new brands are creating products tailored to the needs, concerns and moods of young people.

Gen Z Parenting

No longer the epitome of youth culture, members of Generation Z are having kids of their own, driving the parenting sector in unexpected new directions.

Gen Z Banking

Geri Cupi, CEO and founder of fintech disruptor Twig, discusses how the circular economy will transform young people’s perception of wealth.

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