The Chinese Male Luxury Consumer 2023 Report

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Our new Chinese Male Luxury Consumer 2023 report, in partnership with Hot Pot China, provides new levels of insight into the Chinese luxury market, with a focus on male consumers.

 Through qualitative and quantitative consumer research, the report offers meaningful insight into the attitudes and behaviours of this unique demographic like never before.

The report identifies six consumer typographies set to define China’s male luxury market, from the novices starting out on their luxury journey, through to the more experienced luxury veteran. We explore their definitions, motivations and preferences, as well as their impact on the future of luxury.

Ultimately, the report outlines the significance of our findings for brands, with recommendations for meeting shifting needs, desires and expectations of this coveted consumer.

You can now download the report for free below.

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What’s inside the report?

Our new report provides new levels of insight into the Chinese luxury market. The report includes:

: An Introduction to Global Luxury

After demonstrating impressive elasticity in weathering a global pandemic and responding to wider social, economic and cultural happenings, we explore how the luxury sector continues to outperform others and grow at a rapid pace.

: China’s 6 Male Luxury Consumers

Research into China’s male luxury consumers in 2022 reveals 6 distinct groups. These 6 consumers, as well as having differing levels of knowledge
and engagement with the luxury market, also have distinct lifestyle preferences and professional lives.

: China’s Male Luxury Consumer in 2023 and Beyond

A critical look at six anticipated changes from NFTs to brand collaborations, the shifts we see being the longer-term shapers of China’s luxury market, and as such merit closer inspection.

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This report has been created in collaboration between The Future Laboratory and Hot Pot China.

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The Chinese Male Luxury Consumer 2023 Report


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